ReVance Is Here!! And Here's How You Can Install It

 One of the most popular modded Vanced YouTube App is now discontinued after legal notice from google. Vanced officially published the deprecation notice on March 13th on their telegram channel, the old version is still working but they won't be releasing the new one. Now after discontinuation of people looking for alternatives and few days later, some Github members alternative to Vanaced and they call ReVanced. ReVanced is still in beta mode but you can try the app by patching the youtube app. Here in this post, we will guide you on How to Patch YouTube and Make ReVanced APK yourself and install it on your phone.


For legal reasons, the ReVanced team does not distribute any files or proprietary managers to install the latest YouTube version with one click. As, the team provides open source patches, and you have to patch and build your own app. Currently, you have patched the YouTube app from PC using Azul Zulu Java tools and repositories. They will release Manager to Patch YouTube App from your phone in next update but for now, you can Patch YouTube and Create ReVanced APK from PC. 


ReVance Is Here!! And Here's How You Can Install It

What is ReVanced App?​

ReVanced is a patcher for Mod and supports premium featured apps like YouTube. This project was created by a GitHub member after Vanced was discontinued. The project is still in development mode and you can learn more from the ReVanced Github page.

ReVanced App Features:-

  •     Play YouTube videos
  •     Play YouTube Videos in the background
  •     Popup mode (floating player)
  •     Block Sponsor Part
  •     Google account sign in
  •     Return Youtube Dislike
  •     Google account sign in
  •     All youtube premium features


  •     A Windows 10+ running PC with a minimum RAM of 8GB.
  •     Azul zulu JDK 17 App on your PC.
  •     Android 8.0 + Running Device.


How to Patch and Make ReVanced APK using repository and Azul Zulu 

1. First Download and Install Azul Zulu on your PC.

2. Download all Repository files and put them in one folder.

3. Rename all files one by one – Vanced microG (Vanced-microG 0.2.***.apk to microg.apk), YouTube APP (com.google.android.youtube_17**.apk to youtube.apk), ReVanced CLI (revanced-cli-**l.jar to revanced-cli.jar) ReVanced integration (revanced-patches-***.jar to revanced-patches.jar) ReVanced integration (app-release-unsigned.apk to revanced- integration.apk).


ReVance Is Here!! And Here's How You Can Install It


4. Now open the PowerShell In folder with your files by right clicking an empty space (Windows 11 click Show more options then PowerShell).

5. Type cmd and hit enter then run the following command.

6. Wait until All APKs are patched.


ReVance Is Here!! And Here's How You Can Install It


7. Copy youtube.apk, revanced.apk and microg.apk to your phone.

8. Uninstall new youtube from App Settings.

9. Install the patched apps one by one youtube.apk, revanced.apk, and then microg.apk on your phone.

10. Open the App and sign in with your Google account

Download Patched All The Revanced.APKs, (25/06/2022) UPDATE

We have patched the latest Repositories from our PC you can simply download and install the apk as we told in our previous Steps.

YouTube – youtube.apk

Revanced – revanced.apk

Microg – microg




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