Getting your workplace prevention ready for Covid-19

Washing hands

Simple ways to prevent the spread of # COVID19 in your workplace: Promote regular hand washing thoroughly 🙌🏽 Place sanitary scrub dispensers in prominent places around the workplace & provide access to places where staff, contractors & customers can wash their hands with soap & sweat sparks.

The increase in the level of spread was announced when the number of cases infected with the corona virus reached more than 100,000 cases globally. It is known, the spread of the corona virus becomes massive because this virus can be transmitted between humans through droplets from patients.

A person can also get corona virus when they are close enough to someone who is breathing droplets from coughing or sneezing. In some cases, people with corona virus do not develop any symptoms. Even so, if we want to carry out routine activities, such as going to work in an office or attending an event, how can we prevent it? Following are suggestions from WHO:

Getting your workplace prevention ready for Covid-19

Workplace prevention for contracting Covid-19

Workplace prevention Reporting from the official WHO site, www. who.int, there are a number of simple ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at work (for those of you whose offices do not apply work from home rules).

1. Make sure your workplace is clean and hygienic. This can be done by regularly cleaning the table with disinfectants. Because the work table becomes the main media that is often touched by other employees.

2. Intensify the act of washing hands by placing hand sanitizer containers in places frequented by people.

3. Intensify measures to maintain cleanliness of the respiratory tract by wearing masks for employees who feel sick with cough or colds so that the droplet is not transmitted to others

4. If there are employees who experience mild fever with a body temperature of around 37.3 degrees Celsius or more are encouraged to take drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin.
In addition, efforts to prevent corona virus can also be done by arranging meetings and events. For the event organizers, it is better to pay attention to the potential risk of Covid-19 which can be transmitted from someone who unknowingly carries a corona virus while attending the event.

This will increase the number of corona virus cases. Nevertheless, the main considerations to prevent or reduce Covid-19 risk are:

1. Consider whether there is really a need for face-to-face meeting or not, and whether the meeting can be replaced by an online teleconference or not.

2. The organizer should provide hand sanitizers for all participants and a mask for anyone who has respiratory symptoms.

 3. Ensure that all organizers, participants, caterers and visitors at the event provide contact so that the local public health authority if any participant is ill with suspected infectious disease. This will help health authorities track people who might be infected with Covid-19.

4. Practice how to say hello without touching the hands of the guests who come. Meanwhile, if someone at the meeting or event is isolated as a Covid-19 case, the organizer must notify all participants about this. Guests should be advised to monitor symptoms for 14 days and measure their body temperature at least twice a day. If they suffer from a mild cough or mild fever, they must stay at home and isolate themselves. Patients should also call their health care provider or local public health department, and provide them with details about their latest travels and symptoms.




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