Source Code Website Instan Untuk Bikin Toko Online Ecommerce (Framework Codeigniter) langsung bisa di pake

Source code website online codeigniter store - Online shop or ecommerce is a business mechanism that is now widely used. The important role of online media as the development of technology today is enormous. Therefore the use of online media as a means of selling your product is very effective. A customer does not need to come to the location where your store is located, just by visiting your online store website, customers can easily see and get information about the products you sell. That way your turnover automatically from the products you sell can increase day by day.

On the basis of the need to create an online store website, also known as an ecommerce website, in this post we provide a solution by providing an online store source code that you can use as your online store website platform. This source code for e-commerce is built and developed using a framework for the PHP programming language, namely framework codeigniter 3.

The source code of the website of the online store with Codeigniter 3 is already equipped with a third party postage service, which is API rajaongkir. Please also note that RajaOngkir is a site and web service (API) that provides complete information about shipping costs from various couriers in Indonesia such as JNE, POS, TIKI, PCP, ESL, DHL, and many more. In general, RajaOngkir is aimed at developers who want to use data about shipping costs from various couriers to obtain postage information that is in accordance with various courier data.

Source Code Website Instan Untuk Bikin Toko Online Ecommerce (Framework Codeigniter) langsung bisa di pake

The benefits that you can get by using an online store in selling your products:

  • No need for physical stalls. By visiting your website, customers can see and buy the products you offer.
  • Pamper customers by providing online purchases without having to leave home.
  • You can reduce the cost of opening a store with enough internet.
  • Unlimited product marketing.
  • And other benefits.

The following features are contained in the ecommerce website source code with codeigniter 3:

  • Dynamic Website
  • Admin Dashboard
  • System Member
  • Unlimited products
  • Manage Ads
  • Manage Supplier
  • Manage Orders
  • Integrated with RajaOngkir
  • Responsive
  • And many others.

Spesifikasi source code toko online (ecommerce)

  • Framework Codeigniter 3
  • PHP Version : All PHP version which support MySQLi
  • DBMS : MySQL (MariaDB)
  • AdminLTE Dashboard Admin
  • Framework CSS Bootstrap 3
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • DLL
Please download the online store website source code with web-based codeigniter via the download button below: Downlad here

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