Source Code Web bases Aplikasi SIAKAD berbasis PHP & Mysql Siap pakai

Source code web-based application of academic information systems (siakad) - Siakad is an academic information system created to provide convenience to users in campus academic administration activities. This application can be accessed online through a web browser which certainly provides its own convenience for users.

The academic information system (SIAKAD) has become a mandatory application for universities today. Higher education with complex academic activities certainly requires a system that can help facilitate management and the campus community in managing it.

With the existence of an academic information system, management of academic information can cover all academic activities on campus starting from the process of admitting new students (PMB), making curriculum, KRS (filling plan study cards) to making class schedules and many more functions that will facilitate management campus activities.

And here are some functions of the Siakad application code / web-based academic information system:

  • Data Integration
  • The online siakad application will manage integrated all data so that the data will always be managed properly so there is no duplication of data.
  • information Center
  • We can easily find out information related to campus activities through this application. The campus academic information system application uses a real-time response system.
  • Campus Activity Record
  • The campus academic information system will provide services to users by always monitoring all campus activities and developments starting from PMB, KRS, to value recapitulation.
  • Communication media
  • By using the features of the academic information system application, it will make it easier for the entire campus community to provide and receive information.
Source Code Web bases Aplikasi SIAKAD berbasis PHP & Mysql Siap pakai

Dan berikut fitur yang ditawarkan pada source code aplikasi siakad ini, diantaranya adalah :

  • Manajemen Sistem
  • Data Badan Hukum dan PT
  • Pengguna
  • Backup Database
  • Master Data
  • Fakultas
  • Program Studi
  • Kurikulum
  • Tahun Angkatan
  • Kelas per jurusan
  • Ruang kelas
  • Data Mahasiswa
  • Mahasiswa
  • Pembagian Kelas
  • Nilai Semester
  • Transaksi Mahasiswa
  • Skripsi
  • Data Dosen
  • Dosen
  • Riwayat Pendidikan
  • Pengelolaan Publikasi
  • Jadwal Dosen
  • Transaksi Dosen
  • Kurikulum
  • Data master mata kuliah
  • Penjadwalan mata kuliah
  • KRS Online dan Pengambilan Mata Kuliah
  • Mata kuliah prasyarat
  • Bahan Kuliah dan Tugas Kuliah
  • Data Nilai
  • Data Nilai Mahasiswa
  • Transkrip Nilai
  • Kartu Hasil Studi
  • Cetak Kartu
  • KRS
  • Kartu Ujian
  • Absensi Ujian
  • Absensi Harian
  • Master Biaya
  • Master akun biaya
  • Pembiayaan Mahasiswa
  • Dan lain sebagainya
Source Code Web bases Aplikasi SIAKAD berbasis PHP & Mysql Siap pakai

Technically, the Siakad application source code was created and developed using a web-based programming language, the php programming language. Besides that also from the management system side the database uses MySQL. Both of these entities are quite popular for web-based application developers. Of course, it is also expected to make it easy for those of you who want to learn how to make a web-based application.

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