Scritp PHP gratis untuk Spinner Artikel Rewrite Web Blog langsung bisa di pake

Spinner, maybe a lot of people already understand spinner, especially non-blogspot players, identical spinners with wordpress, plugins or software / tools.

But I am sure there are also those who do not understand spinner, spinner is the term to change a word with its equation (synonym) so the point is to rewrite (re-write). For example, my word is changed to me. There are so many spinner services available, most of them speak English, but if you want Indonesian-speaking ones there too (link later below)

For players with blog agc (auto generate content) or those who are lazy to write, spinners can be made an alternative to create articles that are unique to the eyes of SE (search engines) like Google.

Creating unique articles is indeed a challenge in itself, especially those of us who still don't get used to writing original articles. The number of words in an article that I know should be more than 300 words, as this article is more than 500 words, so if you are tired of reading I am sorry, actually I am more sinful typing: D

Buying original articles is also an alternative to getting articles that are unique and have nothing in common with other blogs. But buying this service will be felt for those of us who are not yet familiar with seo and the ins and outs of search engines, you can just throw money away, if the article you created no one visits and reads it.

Scritp PHP gratis untuk Spinner Artikel Rewrite Web  Blog langsung bisa di pake

This blog suction code itself has copied a lot or cloned, of course it's not good for google search, because it will be considered spam and not quality blogs. But I don't care, this blog is where I keep only a few private collections, but I don't think there are many who need it too.

Ok, back to the spinner discussion, there are several blogs that I created with content filled using spinner. It feels very difficult to get visitors, but what affects it is not only content, but it can be because high competition or SEO offpage is not so good compared to competitors.

Where is the best place to apply spinner articles?

In general, as good as any spinner plugin tool, it will be difficult for humans to read, but I don't know how Google responds and reads this content, but clearly the content will be unique even if it does not reach 100 percent.

A good spinner article is used for dummy blogs, dummy blogs are blogs that provide links to the main blog, the contents of many blogs are dummy using articles spinnan results, maybe friends have encountered articles that are difficult to read, if noticed in the article there are usually active links which goes to the outside of the dummy blog (backlink).

Examples of dummy blogs, please make as many bloggers from blogspot then fill with content of at least 5 seeds, then from some articles inserted a link to the home page of the blog that you want to backlink, some mastah that I met suggested to make backlinks from blogspot have become zombies, zombies that are meant here are blogs that have been deleted and already have many backlinks from other blogs, and then we register again as a blog in general. the same term also called web 2.0.

Backlinks are still a reference for Google to make a blog feasible or not on page one, (page one.pegwan.pejwan).

I am not very familiar with seo, dummy and web 2.0, but there is a very good reference for you to learn SEO, namely the rohadiright.com blog and guidim.com

Please note that the spinner article that we discussed further leads to the php programming language, for those of you who are still learning like me, it might be rather difficult to develop it. But there's nothing wrong with learning to make a simple spinner article application.

Contoh artikel hasil spin

Artikel asli:

Artikel Spinner banyak dipakai oleh praktisi SEO dalam membuat artikel dummy dengan menanamkan link di dalam artikel tersebut. Isi artkel yang unik akan menjamin artikel tersebut terindex oleh mesin pencari walaupun pada kenyataannya bagi kita manusia yang membacanya akan menemukan kejanggalan dalam penggunaan kata-kata yang tidak tepat namun bermakna sama dalam isi artikel tersebut. Saya tidak tahu sudah sepintar mana robot mesin pencari saat ini, namun kalau dalam logika awam saya saat ini sang robot tidak dapat membedakan artikel unik hasil spin atau bukan. Menurut logika saya, yang bisa membedakannya adalah manusia ataupun ada campur tangan manusia dalam membedakan artikel hasil spin.

Hasil Spin Unik 42%:

informasi spinner melimpah digunakan oleh pegiat seo dalam membikin risalah dummy atas menancapkan link di dalam risalah itu. isi artkel yang istimewa bakal menjamin risalah itu terindex oleh alat perkakas pelacak meskipun pada faktanya buat anda orang yang membacanya bakal mendapatkan disharmoni dalam pemakaian kata-kata yang enggak persisnya akan tetapi berarti serupa dalam isi risalah itu. aku enggak ingat telah sepintar mana manusia mesin alat perkakas pelacak ketika ini, akan tetapi bila dalam ilmu mantik biasa aku ketika ini si manusia mesin enggak bisa melainkan risalah istimewa perolehan spin alias enggak. berdasarkan ilmu mantik aku, yang dapat membedakannya ialah orang atau terdapat aduk tangan orang dalam melainkan risalah perolehan spin. 




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