Latest GB Instagtam 1.60 APK Mod For Android With New Features

here is the best instagram MOD. Donwload Latest Gb instagram 1.60 APK Mod For Android. GB Instagram is very much a popular app as a MOD for instagram. it offers each every aspect customization for instagram. this version comes with many new features. We will list down all of the feaues below in the post. Also, for newer versions. we will update this post. So you can find all newer version in this post.

After a long wait, this new MOD is released by OMAR Mods. its woth trying now !! this MOD is an update version of GB instagram. there are additional featues which are added now. GB Instagram 1.60 is modded by OMAR MODS. There are other versions you may find, but this is categorized on the bases on who modded the app. So let's check it out some its features if you are new with this.

Latest GB Instagtam 1.60 APK Mod For Android With New Features

Basic Featues Of Latest GB instagram MOD : 

  • update to latest play store version
  • you can download video and picture from history
  • you can easily hide your stories and select the people which you want to view you story
  • Customization: GB Instagram has hell lot of customization of the instagram. it includes customization conversations screen and conversation
  • you can run GB Instagram alongside with originial official Instagram
  • No need to uninstall the official version of instagram, you can run latest GB instagram side by side widht the original instagram
  • Auto video loading ON or OFF can be done
  • The most important featue you can find out who follows you, For example, if you a person but not sure he follows you or not, then latest GB instagram will do it for you. Just Go to that person profile there under profile name you will see he follows you or not simple 
  • Translate comments in you own language
  • you can comments, BIO
  • Another awesome featues is that you can view a personal profile in full screen. To do that just click and hold on that person profile picture
Latest GB Instagtam 1.60 APK Mod For Android With New Features

New update Version 1.6 features : 

  • Update to latest play store version
  • Fixed enlarging profile Photos
  • Comment on any publication quickly
  • Connect voice and images
  • you can now request the blue profile badge
  • Ask question in the Story
  • Add music clips to the Story
  • Fixed the conversion bugs
Much More featues are availabele. just read below and donwload the APK. install it and enjoy the Instagram MOD. if you want a cool instagram with beatiful customization and featues, then this is for you. Also don't forget that profile enlarge featue.

Dowload GB Instagram 1.60 APK Link  ; 

Guide Installation GB instagram : 

  • Donwload the Gbinstagram 1.60 Apk MOd file and copy it your external SD card on internal Storage
  • If you are installing the APK for the first time, then enable unknown sources from security settings
  • install the GB Instagram 1.40 APK MOD and open it

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