How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phones – Chinese Qualcomm and Exynos Variant

The new Samsung Android Chinese Variant comes with a locked bootloader; You cannot flash recovery like twrp or another .img file until you open the bootloader key. But after opening the Android bootloader key, you can do flash recovery, moded image files even you can root the device. Samsung does not release a guide to unlocking the official bootloader key but there are ways you can still Unlock the Samsung Bootloader. In this guide, we will share How to Activate the Samsung Mobile Bootloader Lock using the CROM Service.

Because Samsung is considering sending a smartphone with an unlocked bootloader, for Chinese users, this is not a simple option. The CROM Service Program, developed by Samsung, users may be able to delete the bootloader key on their Phone. In addition, after users unlock via the program, their Android phones will act like their global counterparts. Therefore, users can manually enter ROM and even official software.

How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phones – Chinese Qualcomm and Exynos Variant

Unlocking the bootloader is easy for Android users to do so, but not for Samsung Android phones, Samsung does not directly support Unlocking the bootloader via fastboot. Manny Android vendors like Huawei, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony do not support unlocking the bootloader directly. You have to ask for the unlock code via their official website, then you can unlock it. But still, Samsung does not launch any bootloaders open official websites but there are unofficial free methods. Samsung CROM Service is an application that can unlock Samsung Chinese Android Phones. In this post, we will share the application link and show you how to unlock the Samsung Bootloader using the application.

How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phones – Chinese Qualcomm and Exynos Variant

Benefits of Unlock Bootloader: -

After Unlock Bootloader you can install TWRP Recovery, Rooting Installing custom ROM and adjusting the device. In addition, you can cancel the device with boot.img flash, system.img, recovery.img, userdata.img. You can make full Rom after opening the bootloader.

There are special losses too. The most important function of the simple facts of your cellphone being a little less protected. If you are not careful, it is possible for hackers to damage your cellphone by installing a malicious program. Some programs usually from banks also limit some of the program functions on devices that are not locked.

Note: Unlocking the bootloader will completely reset your device. So first backup App’s, Contacts, Messages before start the process. And you can’t re-lock the bootloader on Samsung device for now.

Supported devices:

Galaxy S8, Samsung S9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy A8, Galaxy J7, Galaxy on 8.


  • Before starting the Bootloader Unlock process do a complete backup, your device includes Apps, Contacts, Messages, Gallery file, Internal Storage Files.
  • Charge the device for interrupt installing.
  • Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging, OEM Unlock to unlock the device.
  • Download the app and read guide.

How To Download CROM Service App

You can install CROM Service app from Galaxy App Store Open Galaxy App on your Samsung device and search for crom.

 How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung Phones – Chinese Qualcomm and Exynos Variant

Or download CROM Service App from apkmirror.com CROM Service 1.0.8.

How to Activate a Samsung Mobile Bootloader in Chinese Variants

1. Firs read Prerequisites do a full backup because opening the bootloader will delete all data on your Samsung phone.

2. Activate Developer Options, and Unlock OEM from the settings.

3. Download the application from the Galaxy Application or from the download link apkmirror.com allows Unknown Sources from Settings ⇒ Screen & Security Lock to install the application.

4. Install the application and open it from the main screen or run after installing and follow the application instructions.

5. The application will ask to open the bootloader key Select Yes or the OK option to Unlock the Samsung Mobile Phone Bootloader.

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