How To Enable Native Call Recording IN OxygenOS [Root/Non-Root]

Here we will briefly activate Native Call Recording in devices running OxygenOS. Do you want to activate the Call Recording feature on OnePlus devices or devices that run OxygenOS? If so, then you land in the right place. Today we share a guide to activate OxygenOS Call Recording feature.

As we know, Oneplus devices or devices that run OxygenOS are equipped with many of the latest features. These features are the only reason to make the device more popular. Already many manufacturers have started to provide Inbuild Call Recording features with existing devices. Also, almost all custom ROMs now come with this feature. So if you use OxygenOS then why don't you get that feature. You can easily activate the Call Recording feature at the system level using the guide below.

Enable Original Call Recording on OxygenOS

Now many fake calls or threats are received from many different people, so call recorder options must be needed on your device. Call recording is becoming increasingly important, with technological changes and work habits becoming more mobile. Addressing cellphone records is now the subject of many entrepreneurs. Today we share a guide for Original Call Recording in OnePlus devices.

How To Enable Native Call Recording IN OxygenOS [Root/Non-Root]

Enable Call Recording on OnePlus Devices

This is actually not a hardware compatibility problem; it's just a reason for security reasons. Technically the Call Recording feature is available on OxygenOS devices but OnePlus hides it for users. Thank you to the developer XDA "yshalsager" for sharing this application in the forum. There are several ways to achieve this, which are listed below. Let's go to the guide to activate Native Call Recording In OxygenOS.

Download Call Recording for OxygenOS

How to enable call recording on OnePlus or OxygenOS

ADB commands via computer

  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Connect your device with a computer.
  • Now open ADB windows and paste this command and press enter.
  • There he is.
Note: After rebooting your device the feature will deactivate will be disabled, so this command must run again after each reboot.

Flash via Recovery:

  • Download EnableOOSNativeCallRecording-Flashable_v7.0.zip.
  • Now restart your device into recovery mode.
  • Select the file and install it.



  • Download EnableOOSNativeCallRecording_v4.2-Magisk.zip.
  • Open the Magisk Manager application then open Module> add> select file> install.

Using APP:

  • Download EnableOOSNativeCallRecording_vx.apk
  • Then install and open.
  • Give root access to the application.
  • There he is.

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