Review Boutique Elite Maingear F131 2018

Maingear F131 2018 Review: Boutique Elite 

Presentation and Product Tour 

The Maingear F131 is for the perceiving PC aficionado searching for the most perfect execution and stylish incentive from a hand-fabricated custom PC. Our completely decked-out survey show takes both of these thoughts to as far as possible, with a 18-center (36-string) Intel Core i9-7980XE processor and double GeForce GTX 1080 Ti illustrations cards in SLI. It's fluid cooled by the organization's specially crafted Apex cooling framework, finish with hand-made hard-line custom metal tubing and the Apex double pump store. At $9,231, most can just dream of owning such an exquisite and intense gaming rig, however in the event that you can manage the cost of it there's essentially not a viable alternative for Maingear's perfect craftsmanship and the cutting edge overclocked execution packed inside the all-new F131.



Maingear gave our survey test the total custom paint treatment, decorating the F131 tower suspension with a blue Mark II Modern Camo wrap up. Within is painted a similar Grabber Blue (utilized inside the Modern Camo) utilized in the Mark II complete, and the paint work alone will include a robust $1,050 ($650 for the outside Mark II complete, $400 for the inside paint) to the bill. Be that as it may, you would be unable to locate this level of car paint skill (Maingear's painter has worked for BMW and Rolls Royce), and the paint could be justified regardless of the cost for those searching for their eternity PC. It's just dazzling.

The skeleton itself measures in at a thin 19 x 6.4 x 21.3 inches, and the stature of the case could trick some into trusting that it can suit huge ATX motherboards. In any case, the F131 is a smaller scale ATX suspension, and there's not really space to pack significantly more inside (not that you'd need to with this manufacture). The best board can be expelled to get to the radiator mounts (essentially lift the board). The front and right side board exhibits a greater amount of the Mark II wrap up.

The front I/O is consistently coordinated to the front board's left-side edge, where four USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, two sound jacks (one earphone out, one mic-in) and the power catch dwell. The back I/O is recessed from the edge of the case, giving you some space to connect to the links without having them jut from the PC. The motherboard sports two USB 3.1 Gen 2 (one Type-A, one Type-C), four USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-An) and two USB 2.0 ports, notwithstanding a PS/2 combo port, sound jacks and a S/PDIF interface.

The motherboard is a X299 chipset, so the main show yields are those on the illustrations cards. This will change by setup, yet the two fluid cooled Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti illustrations cards in our survey test sport a sum of six DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 ports.


Inside the Maingear F131 appears as though it could be in the engine of ground-breaking sports auto with its hand-created metal tubing and monstrous Apex clear acrylic plastic store. The hand crafted cooling arrangement was made particularly for the new F131 frame, and the outcome is an interesting and amazing search for a gaming PC anybody would be pleased to claim. Zenith is the exemplification of the organization's fluid cooling administrations, and it comes incorporated into all F131 Superstock (custom fluid cooling) models. The base Superstock design begins with clear acrylic tubing, however the metal tubes will add another $200 to the bill. You likewise get the opportunity to pick the shade of your coolant (for this situation, white) at no extra cost.

The 420mm Alphacool radiator is mounted at the highest point of the body and is flush to the edge of the case, bringing about a smooth look. The three Fractal H-14 140mm PWM fans deplete warm out of the best, and even at full load the F131 murmurs about as much as a run of the mill locally acquired PC out of gear.

The Intel Core i9-7980XE processor is secured by a specially crafted cooling plate that additionally cools the MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard's voltage controller modules (VRMs), enabling the organization to push the processor to its total most noteworthy conceivable clock recurrence. For this model, Maingear's industrial facility overclocking administration, Redline, got the CPU to an all-center 4.4GHz, which is crazy for the measure of preparing centers (18) in the engine. The overclocking administration will add $50 to the sticker price, yet it's justified, despite all the trouble for the individuals who would prefer not to tinker with CPU tickers all alone.

The double GeForce GTX 1080 Ti illustrations cards are additionally fluid cooled by a hand crafted waterblock that takes after the fundamental Apex store with an unmistakable acrylic chamber. The cards under the cooling equipment are of the Nvidia Founder's Edition assortment, and Maingear could push an extra 135MHz on the center timekeepers and 300MHz on the memory recurrence with its cooling. Like the CPU Redline Overclocking administration, the GPU overclock cost an additional $50.

A 32GB (4 x 8GB) unit of G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 lives on either side of the huge CPU/VRM cooling plate. The beautiful RAM doesn't exactly coordinate whatever remains of the fabricate except if you set it to a static shading (for this situation, blue or white), yet the organization likewise overclocked the memory to 3,600MHz. In spite of the fact that there is no particular administration charge in the F131 configurator for memory overclocking, Maingear expressed they would do it upon client ask for with the buy of at any rate the CPU Redline Overclocking administration. To date, we've not seen a physically overclocked unit of memory in any of the custom shop PCs we've audited, and the additional speed should separate it in memory-escalated workloads.

A 1TB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD is covered up underneath M.2 protecting on the motherboard. It's a marginally more established model than the new 970 arrangement Samsung SSDs, however the organization has updated their contributions to incorporate the as of late discharged drives. The 6TB Seagate 7,200 RPM HDD (mounted behind the right-side board) additionally offers a ton of limit and is appealing to clients hoping to store sizable records (CAD engineers and video editors ring a bell). Yet, while the Samsung drive is a phenomenal entertainer and a decent decision for an execution PC, on a framework this expensive we'd jump at the chance to see more fast SSD limit and less HDD. The F131 is about execution and plushness, and a 1TB SSD- - even an extremely quick one- - simply isn't the extravagance it used to be.

The 1200W EVGA Supernova P2 control supply isn't straightforwardly available from the outside of the undercarriage. Rather, an expansion link from the back board prompts a different chamber on the correct side of the case that houses the intense PSU. The base admission fan faces outward and lines up with a vent in the side board, and the fumes is looking up and ventilated through the highest point of the undercarriage (and its 420mm radiator).

The twisted PSU links (you get the opportunity to pick your most loved shading for nothing; our own was white) and other wiring are expertly integrated, however the essential CPU control link appears somewhat tight (an expansion could have made it neater). Be that as it may, you don't see these links, and the wiring is overseen as well as can be expected be for the hand crafted F131 undercarriage.

Software and Accessories 

Maingear's framework picture came without bloatware, which is an appreciated prohibition for anybody that is needed to invest any measure of energy uninstalling undesirable preliminary programming. The F131 just came stacked with MSI Afterburner to overclock the designs cards. Overclocking administrations from commonplace custom shops are genuinely fundamental, however Maingear takes things to another level once more by opening the center voltage (an alternative in Afterburner that we have not seen some other shop utilize) and pushing the GPUs another 135MHz on the construct center tickers and 300MHz with respect to the memory. The additional voltage guarantees that the overclock will be steady, and the Apex fluid cooling framework deals with the overabundance warm incredibly (the GPUs never surpassed 58C in our testing).

We additionally snooped around in the motherboard's BIOS to perceive how Maingear overclocked this survey test. The organization's designers picked manual settings, raising the all-center multiplier to 44 (for 4.4GHz) and setting the voltage to Dynamic mode. The memory's XMP profile is killed for a fundamental overclock to 3,600MHz, with all timings and power settings set to auto.

Maingear likewise stuffed a huge amount of additional items into its adornment box, including a shirt, mouse cushion, tote sack, and heaps of decals.

Manufactured, Productivity and Gaming Benchmarks 

We put the Maingear F131 up against the as of late assessed Acer Predator Orion 9000, and the examination is a duel between a custom shop and a major brand PC. Both game a Core i9-7980XE processor and double GTX 1080 Ti illustrations in SLI, so it ought to be a nearby match in gaming and CPU-bound tests and workloads. The Maingear framework has a fourth of the memory limit of the Orion 9000 (32GB versus 128GB), however it more than compensates for that away limit and tasteful esteem. We additionally included information from our Origin PC Millennium 2018 audit to perceive how its overclocked Core i7-8700K and comparative illustrations analyzed against the two costly Core i9-7980XE-prepared behemoths.

Fire Strike and Time Spy 

The Maingear F131 began our benchmark suite by stating its predominance over the Acer Predator Orion 9000 and Origin PC Millennium. In spite of the fact that the F131 falls behind the Millennium in the illustrations segment of the Fire Strike and Time Spy tests, this is on the grounds that the Origin PC's Core i7-8700K hits higher clock rates than the F131 and can hence accomplish higher framerates at 1920 x 1080 (the CPU is the bottleneck at this goals). As the pixel include expanded Fire Strike Extreme and Ultra, the F131 recovered its illustrations score lead. Plainly, this arrangement of the F131 is planned for 4K gaming.

Temperatures were additionally all around oversaw, with the double GeForce GTX 1080 Ti illustrations cards failing to exceed 58C in any of the benchmark runs. The CPU was considerably more blazing at a 78C pinnacle, yet that is well inside the Core i9-7980XE's warm point of confinement and could be viewed as cool because of the cutting edge 4.4GHz all-center overclock.

Cinebench R15 

The F131's Core i9-7980XE processor overwhelmed all the opposition in the Cinebench R15 multi-strung tests, because of its noteworthy all-center overclock of 4.4GHz. It effortlessly outperformed the Predator Orion 9000's weaker overclock, however it couldn't get up to speed to the Millennium's - 8700K checked at 5.0GHz in the single-strung tests.


Maingear's F131 profits by the designs cards' center and memory overclock in the bitcoin mining bit of the CompuBench test. The video handling results are less great, with the higher-checked standard CPUs in the test seat and Millennium accomplishing higher scores than the F131.

Storage Test 

The Maingear F131's 1TB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD performed keeping pace with the Millennium (which wears the same SSD, in a littler limit) in consecutive read and compose execution. Be that as it may, it falls somewhat behind the Origin PC partner in irregular info/yield activities every second, likely due the contrasts between the X299 and Z370 chipsets. In any case, the F131's essential stockpiling is bursting quick and far surpasses the capacities of our test apparatus' SATA-based SSD.

Sandra Memory Bandwidth 

Like the Acer Predator Orion 9000, the Maingear F131 effortlessly beat the frameworks with double channel task with its quad-divert memory controller in the Sandra multi-strung memory data transmission tests. The F131 likewise bested the Orion 9000 because of its higher recurrence (3,600MHz), yet single-strung execution is lower than that of the standard chipset frameworks. Notwithstanding, despite everything it outflanked the Acer partner and its comparative arrangement. In this circumstance, amount (Acer's 128GB DDR4-2666) didn't beat quality (Maingear's overclocked 32GB DDR4-3200).

PCMark 8 

The F131's efficiency cleaves are likewise strong, with solid scores in the PCMark 8 application benchmarks. These tests utilize Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative applications to process canned workloads, and the mix of slower single-strung memory data transmission and lower top CPU clockrates put the Maingear offering amidst the pack in this specific benchmark. In any case, regardless it performed splendidly (with truly milliseconds isolating it and the other higher-scoring PCs) and is very much prepared for office and photograph altering errands.

Gaming Benchmarks 

The Maingear F131 is astonishingly quick in recreations, for example, Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, Rise of the Tomb Raider,and Middle Earth: Shadows of War. These titles value the expanded CPU center check enough to indicate direct gains thought about against the standard CPU partners, however recreations, for example, Grand Theft Auto V, Bioshock Infinite, and The Division support frameworks with quicker CPU tickers, similar to the Origin PC Millennium and its Core i7-8700K. In any case, the F131 doesn't trail a long ways behind, particularly at 4K, which is likely what gamers are running for with any framework with double GTX 1080 Ti designs cards.

Confugirations Options 

The Maingear F131 body doesn't need to be loaded with the most costly parts and materials, and you can alter it as you wish. Essential arrangements (sans the Apex cooling framework) begin at $1,600 for AMD Ryzen-based frameworks, $1,800 for Intel Z370 setups, and $2,700 for a X299 stage. Superstock (custom fluid cooling) models for each chipset begin at $4,150, $4,250, and $5,050, separately, and all come furnished with the Apex fluid cooling framework naturally. Adding Apex to a non-Superstock assemble will add another $300 to the bill.

The passage level AMD display (non-Superstock) offers a Ryzen 3 1300 processor with a 120mm across the board (AIO) fluid cooler, 8GB (2 x 4GB) of HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 memory, a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB illustrations card, a 1TB 7,200RPM HDD, and a 750W power supply (an EVGA Supernova B3). The Z370 Stock model begins with a Core i3-8100 and a similar CPU cooler, stockpiling, illustrations, control supply, and memory setup. X299 stock models highlight a Core i7-7800X processor, a 16GB (4 x 4GB) unit of HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 and a GeForce GTX 1070 illustrations card, notwithstanding the previously mentioned capacity and PSU.

The Bottom Line 

The Maingear F131 isn't for a lukewarm PC gamer hoping to plunge their toe into boutique shop waters. It's for a perceiving equipment lover who just needs the best in arrangement choices and feel, and a gaming rig that genuinely takes the expression "custom" to the following level. The cost of passage is steep (at least, $1,600 sans-Apex cooling), however the F131 is a standout amongst the most instinctively outlined, eye getting and most elevated performing made-to-arrange PCs we've ever evaluated.

In spite of the fact that Apex cooling adds extensive cost to the assemble (beginning at $300 for simply the primary pump/store), it's justified, despite all the trouble for those searching for a really one of a kind custom shop PC that you won't discover from any of the other real players in the amusement.

Talking about amusements, the exceptional setup we tried ruled a considerable lot of our benchmarks, and the blend of a Core i9-7980XE and double GeForce GTX 1080 Ti illustrations cards in SLI is a great matching.

Toward the day's end, $9,321 is obviously a great deal of cash for a PC. Despite the fact that you can absolutely discover a PC with similar segments (or the parts themselves) for less cash, the esteem is in Maingear's craftsmanship. The organization drapes its cap on the flawless paint application, tweaking, and imaginative outline of the F131, and it's outstanding amongst other gaming PCs cash can purchase, on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it.

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