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Unlock Bootloader of HTC devices

HTC secured the bootloader of their android gadget that keeps the client from glimmering informal ROMs and kernals.Unlocking bootloader enables you to root your android based HTC device.Unlocking bootloader is the initial move toward tweaking your HTC gadget as per your need.The bootloader should be opened on the off chance that you need to streak a custom ROM or kernal on your gadget.

The following is a well ordered guide that encourages you in opening the bootloader of your HTC smartphone.So on the off chance that you need to open the bootloader of your cell phone at that point take after the given guide.

HTC enables you to open the bootloader however it might void the guarantee of your device.Unlocking bootloader may harm your HTC gadget so do it at your own risk.Unlocking bootloader will wipe every one of your information so take a reinforcement of your information before starting the opening procedure.

Method to Unlock Bootloader of HTC device

Method 1: Unlock bootloader using Fastboot

1. Download HTC Sync Manager from HERE and install it on your computer for USB drivers.
2. Connect your HTC device to computer using USB data cable.
3. Enable USB Debugging on your HTC device by going to Developer options in Settings.
4. Download and install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot from HERE.
5. Visit the HTCdev page and login into your HTCdev account.If you have not any account on HTCdev then make one.
6. Select your device from the drop-down menu and click on Begin Unlock Bootloader.
7. Disconnect your device from the computer.
8. Power off your device and boot into bootloader mode by pressing and holding Volume down and power button together then use the volume keys to select Fastboot and power button to confirm.
9. Connect your device again to the computer.
10.Now, Open Fastboot into your computer and enter fastboot devices into the command prompt to make sure that your device is connected.
11.In HTCdev page click on Proceed to step 8 and follow the instruction to submit your request.HTC will be sent you an email with unlocking token download it (Download token should be named as Unlock_code.bin)
12.Move the Unlock_code.bin file where you install the fastboot into your computer.
13.Now, Type fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin into the command prompt and press Enter.
14.Your device shows message regarding unlocking bootloader using Volume buttons to make your choice.

Method 2: Unlock HTC bootloader using Kingo

This process requires working internet connection.

1. Download and install Kingo Htc bootloader unlock software from HERE.
2. Connect your HTC device to your computer using a data cable.
3. Enable USB debugging on your device from Developer options.

4. Open Kingo software into your computer.
5. Kingo will detect your device and install required drivers automatically.
6. Click on UnLock button to begin the process.
7. Your device will reboot when the process is complete.

Presently, your android gadget is prepared to streak custom ROMs and kernals.

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