Download Galaxy S9 Theme For EMUI Black And White (Huawei Or Honor)

Huawei and honor device equipped with EMUI operating system. Emui supports many theme variations. That's why many theme developers are making many themes to honor and Huawei devices. Today we share the latest black and white Galaxy S9 theme for EMUI running Huawei or honor device.

Black Galaxy S9 Theme For EMUI:

Currently Samsung galaxy s9 is the most popular device in the smartphone market. Samsung galaxy s9 creature experience the latest 9.0 operating system. It looks too pretty. So many users want to use or see any device like Samsung device. If you want to experience the 9.0 style experience in Huawei you, the honor device, then you are the right place. Here we share the theme Galaxy S9 for EMUI.

The theme supports more or less all versions of emui (emui 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 8.0). I've tested the galaxy s9 theme to honor my 8 and Huawei mate 9 pro and it works perfect for both devices in emui 5.0 and emui 8.0. We found this theme in the Huawei club forum, thanks to developers for creating and changing black themes, navigation bar icons, and more. Download Galaxy S9 black and white theme for EMUI from below..

Download Galaxy S9 Theme For EMUI Black And White  (Huawei Or Honor)

Users of Huawei want a new theme for their device so here we provide galaxy s9 theme for Huawei, honor device. You can use it on honor 8, Huawei p9, Huawei mate and other emui 4.1, emui 5.0 or higher device. The Galaxy S9 theme looks good and the combination of black and white as well if you want to see your phone like Samsung galaxy s9 then download and apply to your Huawei, the honor device.

Download Galaxy S9 Theme:

Here Galaxy S9 Theme you can apply what you like on Your EMUI 4.1 or above devices.

How To Apply Theme:

  • Download .hwt file.
  • Copy the .hwt files to SDcard or internal (Huawei/HW Themes).
  • Then open theme app and apply.

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