Helix Engine Can Be The Best Battery Saving Application for Rooted Android Devices

If you want to root and install custom ROMs, stuff like that, you're probably familiar with extreme battery saving measures. Things like tampering with ram management, the CPU governor, prove a more profitable way when saving battery life than the supposed battery-saving app. There are many applications that allow root users to do these things, but none are becoming very popular like Kernel Adiutor. Probably because it became the first, and at that time the only app that also looks beautiful. Helix Engine by Team Helix is ​​a similar application, but also very different.

For example, the Adiutor Kernel requires a compatible kernel because it works in the kernel. Helix Engine does not require kernel management applications. The biggest advantage it offers is automation. If the name seems familiar, it is because Team Helix is ​​the same group of developers behind the Helix Kernel that is now available for a number of devices. Helix Engine makes use of the Android accessibility service to detect packet names and apply specific performance profiles. By the way, yes, an app mentioned in the same article with Kernel Adiutor will definitely need root access.

Install Helix Engine

Helix Engine is an Accessibility Service that automates dynamic performance profile alignment (battery mode / balanced / performance) to provide better efficiency, increase battery consumption and performance depending on your usage. Each profile will correspond to which script, which is appropriate for the profile, is executed.


As mentioned earlier, the best feature so far offered by the app is automation. Since this can detect the currently running app, it can replace the performance of your device based on it. For example, when you play a game, you want a smooth performance but you might not mind some hiccups with news apps. This app has pre-set settings and profile data for a number of apps based on your specific processor. This setting can be changed manually, of course.

You can whitelist apps you want to run normally. This can be useful if the app shows unexpected behavior due to Helix Engine. Although this is not often the case, it's good to have this feature because the app is currently in beta. This app works on all Android devices with arm64 architecture regardless of manufacturer, ROM or kernel. Here is an official list of all features:

  • App Engine
  • List of Customization Applications
  • Customize Profile Data
  • Suspend Engine
  • Helix Machine Operating Mode
  • Intelligence Background Check Tasks
  • Prevention of excessive execution
  • On-Boost Optimization
While most of the apps are free, some features are available only after one-off payments:

  • Backup and Restore application list
  • Backup and Restore profile data
  • View system applications
  • Search through App List

Grant Accessibility Permissions

Just as you open the app, you will be prompted to allow root access to the app. Without root access, it is not possible to make the necessary changes to CPU frequency and profile. Once you get root permissions, you'll see the app's homepage. This shows the Helix Machine status, as well as information about your device such as Kernel Type and SoC Model.

Helix Engine Can Be The Best Battery Saving Application for Rooted Android Devices

Many manufacturers today build their own power saving features that can be against the Helix Engine. Whether your device already has a power manager is also displayed. You can tap the card to turn off the installed power manager on your device if you'd like. Keep in mind that this can be a bit risky, so make sure you back up your device before proceeding. Tap ENABLE on the Helix Engine card that will now show it as disabled.

Helix Engine Can Be The Best Battery Saving Application for Rooted Android Devices

This will take you directly to your device's Accessibility settings page. Tap the Helix Engine and turn on the button on the next page. Tap OK to confirm. When you return to the Helix Engine application, it may still indicate that the machine is disabled. Simply exit and relaunch the application and the machine will be displayed as enabled.


On the app's homepage, you can easily choose the mode that your device wants to run by tapping Operation Mode. You will see that all modes are dynamic, so there will still be room for apps that need those extra resources. If you draw the drawer of the side menu, you can access the app settings. Here you can basically Forces or Disables suspend engines. A bit below Settings in the side menu drawer are different profiles that you can customize by tapping it. Although, if you do not already know what you are doing, it's best to leave everything as it is and let the Helix Engine do its magic.

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