Donwload Source Code Aplikasi SMS Gateway versi 2.5 Web based PHP Mysql Full Native - Rival face

Source Code PHP Application SMS Gateway Free, this website based application is made with gammu, gammu application made by andez.net is named SAGA (SMS Andeznet Gateway Application).

SAGA is the latest update from the previous, there are many bugs that are fixed on this version. Previously let's first discuss what the sms gateway meant.

Source Code Aplikasi SMS Gateway versi 2.5 Web based PHP Mysql Full Native - Rival face

SMS Gateway is a platform that provides a mechanism for EUA to send and receive SMS from mobile equipment (HP, PDA phone, etc.) via SMS Gateway's shortcode (as example 9221). Below are some illustrations on the above explanation.

SMS Gateway allows UAE to communicate with Telco SMSC (telkomsel, indosat, etc) or SMS platform to send and receive SMS messages very easily, Because SMS Gateway will perform all processes and connections with Telco. SMS Gateway also provides UAE with an easy and standard interface.

SMS Gateway Needs

Hardware Requirements
What is absolutely needed is a computer, a phone / modem
data cable (Serial cable that can connect phones with PC) or can use InfraRed and software as SMS Gateway.

To use InfraRed you need a mobile phone that also has the facility, but it is not recommended for the SMS gateway requirement because communication with InfraRed is not very good (if the slide is easy to break).

Software Requirements

  • Operating System (Linux / windows)
  • Database Server
  • Programming, here, of course, using php

Need To Install SAGA 2

  • Gammu-1.33.0
  • Windows 7
  • XAMPP 1.8.3
  • PHP 5.5.19

Update and bug fixes:

Repair on Compose Message
FIX all browsers in the god can and in writing this message can send more than 160 characters, depending on the operator also suport / not for shipping more than 160 characters.

AutoSchedule / Scheduled Messages
Scheduled messages and auto-send at the designated time

SMS Statistics Entrance by current year.
Sms is based on Year in progress, if it is 2016, it will show incoming sms statistics by 2016.

Gammu's frequent issues

* SMS Will Not Be Delivered

Service Gammu has not been run,
Make sure the Gammu service is already running before you send and receive SMS with Gammu
Reseller left or in grace, Make sure credit still exists and enough to send SMS. Usually the indication of the lost credit or card entering this grace period is encountered when receiving SMS via gammu can, but sending SMS can not (SendingError status appears in the SENTITEMS table)

Modem / modem port number change, Suppose at the beginning of your installation using a specific com port and it was possible to send and receive SMS with gammu, but later the next time you moved the port (usb plug on another port) or different from the port at the beginning of the installation . It is also not allowed. When you move the port, make sure you also change the port settings in its SMSDRC and GAMMURC. Before changing the configuration settings in SMSDRC and GAMMURC, first disable the service, delete the Gammu service you have previously created, then edit GAMMURC and SMSDRC, and continue to create a new service. Indications of SMS delivery problems caused by this port change can be seen when previous SMS delivery and acceptance are successful, but suddenly a good SMS delivery and reception can not. In addition, this indication can also be seen from the non-emergence of SMS delivery status in the SENTITEMS table or SMS sent still in the OUTBOX table and did not move to the SENTITEMS table even though the service was already running.

Modem / mobile phone does not support Gammu, There are times when it is not possible to send SMS because it is modem / hp not supported by gammu. The indication can be seen when the gammu installation step is correct, but can not send and receive SMS, though it has changed its Gammu version up to Gammu's last release

Modem signal is missing or weak, Indication of delivery problems caused by weak or missing signals can be seen from the modem indicator light. For example the Wavecom modem, the indication that the modem can not signal is the light not flashing or not blinking or blinking irregularly at intervals of time. In addition, it can be seen also when sometimes SMS can be delivered successfully, sometimes fail

For those of you who want to download this app may need a user and password to login, please try the following user.

User: andez
Pass: andez



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