Users Mi Xiaomi Mi reported battery, FinGerPrint SENSOR ISSUE after Oreo UPDATE

The launch of Xiaomi Android 8.0 Oreo for Mi A1 has started with a terrible start. The upgrade has been pulled twice because the software bug follows a short-lived beta, which indicates that Xiaomi may not be as strong as it should have been during the testing period.

To make matters worse, a large number of users who have installed the latest updates now find that their device is being plagued by a pair of bugs. The two main issues that have been cited are related to examples of battery draining and fingerprint sensor lag.

Excessive battery drain reports have been appearing in the official Reddit, XDA and Xiaomi support forums over the past few weeks, with some users suggesting the problem is so bad that they have to charge their phones twice a day after minimal usage.

Users Mi Xiaomi Mi reported battery, FinGerPrint SENSOR ISSUE after Oreo update

The fingerprint sensor issue, meanwhile, seems to cause a brief but annoying delay when attempting to unlock the phone. The bug report on the Xiaomi help forum notes that the delay is approximately one second.

By itself, the fingerprint problem does not sound like a big deal, but when combined with the launch hiccups and constant battery problems, it's easy to see why Mi A1 owners are frustrated.
  • Users Mi A1 reported the issue of battery discharge and fingerprint sensor pause following the update Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • Xiaomi has recognized both problems and is working on improvements.
  • The latest issue comes after Xiaomi withdrew the update twice over the various software problems.

In what should be good news for dissatisfied users, Xiaomi has confirmed that they are seeing both issues. According to the MIUI Hunter MIUI (via PiunikaWeb) representative, the fix for the battery drain bug has started working, while the fingerprint sensor issue has been forwarded "to the team in question" and will be fixed soon.

While it is worth keeping up with the OS upgrade, at least for now, Android Oreo brings a handful of new features to the Xiaomi budget phone, including the picture-in-picture mode, bundling notifications, UI tweaks, and fast. charging support.

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