Specs And Price RED Hydrogen One: Expected Release Date

For smartphone enthusiasts, this is not the first time you read about RED Hydrogen One. The phone was first announced in July 2017 and the fact is, it's been out for pre-orders for months now, starting at $ 1200 which is cool.

RED is famous for its ultra-premium video recording devices, but Hydrogen One is the company's first venture into the smartphone industry. Although RED announces the phone and installs it for pre-order, there is still no such delivery at the time of this writing. In fact, the accompanying press release never gives details about the phone itself, more specifically its specifications.

On the brighter side, we now have new details about Red Jim Jannard's Hydrogen One phone and we will share it with you in this article in addition to other important things about this phone. So far, only a select few, including the CEO himself, are able to interact with Hydrogen One, which means there is still little information in the public sphere.

Design and appearance

Since its launch, we learned that RED Hydrogen One is a modular mobile phone. However, right now, we still do not know what ingredients have been used to build Hydrogen One, but whatever it is, it says it adds 2 ounces more over the weight of a regular device of the same size.

As we have seen in previous renders and from prototypes supplied to some individuals, Hydrogen One has a traditional 3.5mm audio jack on board beside a new USB-C port for charging. You get two SIM card slots, but the second slot can also be used for expandable storage. This phone also comes with stereo speakers that reportedly will come with a multi-channel spatial sound system.

Specs And Price RED Hydrogen One: Expected Release Date

The RED Hydrogen One looks bigger and unattractive thicker than you would expect on a 5.7-inch handset, but this thickness has a hidden gem - a large 4500mAh battery unit, which also includes an internal casing. The display will display a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels when in 2D mode, which means we are talking about a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

Apparently, the resolution will change when the phone enters 4V mode (holographic), but there is still no detailed explanation of how this actually works. According to Jannard, when the phone switches to 4V mode, screen brightness will dim and "come up better than 3D images" without the need for any glasses.

Specifications and features

It was a strange move from RED to install a pre-order phone even without a list of expected specs, especially considering the price. Maybe RED has a niche market in mind, but, finally, we have some specs of Hydrogen One.

Specs And Price RED Hydrogen One: Expected Release Date

As you would expect for a phone announced in July 2017, RED Hydrogen One has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC that may be mated to a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which, as we have seen, will be expandable using SIM 2 slot

There is a crazy 4500mAh battery that will be charged through the latest USB Type-C standard and supports fast charging. With RED prowess in photography, we expect Hydrogen One to be one of the best, if not the best, in this category. There is a dual-lens camera on the back, but we do not know their specifications and we also do not know the front camera.

As we mentioned earlier, we have known all along that RED Hydrogen One is a modular phone. Here, the system provides both two-way power and data, which the company says is designed to be "stackable," with things like camera modules and cinema-class batteries, inter alia, in the RED plan.

Release date and price

After months of waiting, we can finally say that we have a release date for the RED Hydrogen One smartphone. According to the company, unlocked models will begin shipping this summer, one year after pre-orders are held.

Specs And Price RED Hydrogen One: Expected Release Date

As mentioned earlier, this is a phone that targets a particular market, perhaps a loyal fan of companies accustomed to its premium hardware. The base model will start from $ 1,195 while the high-end variant, which is expected to swing the titanium body, will set you back to $ 1,595.

3D holographic display and 4V content

RED mentioned that the 5.7 inch display QHD display can work with the new 4V standard, but the problem is there is not much content in the current 4V. To make things better, the company is preparing the market for 4V content by partnering with the "big dog" in the industry, whatever that means. Furthermore, users of Hydrogen One will be able to shoot, upload and sell 4V content through this market.

It is a 3F free glasses right on your phone that makes the phone very attractive. We'll know more when we get our hands on it, but so far, it's probably worth the extra pizazz and 2K camera features we get on other flagships. This could be a new gold standard if everything goes according to the RED plan.

Another thing to know

About RED Hydrogen One is its carrier support. According to Jannard, telephone operator support is "unprecedented," but the company can not disclose its details at this time. The CEO also pointed out that the phone will have an unlocked variant.

Is it worth the long wait?

Let's face it. No matter how cold Hydrogen One lights up, this is not the most used tool for us. This is a phone that targets elites, especially types who only buy products for their brands. Looking at the basic specs of Hydrogen One, it will be easily blown by aircraft carrier 2018 speculators, but we think the company fans would want it through a flagship device that packs the specifications and costs less, if RED is able to prove the Hydrogen One feature worth doing.

Although promising a lot, Hydrogen One seems to have overtaken by time, especially on the matter of performance specifications and design. But again, you know that this is not about the specification and design, because the talking point is 4V and modularity. However, if you've been able to wait for the phone for the last six months, you can certainly do the next six?



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