Review Asus ROG G703 : Why This Monstrous GAMING LAPT0P WOn US Over

What is Laptop Asus ROG G703?

The latest laptop from Asus is a game product that does not focus on sleek design or lightweight builds.

Instead, the Asus Republic Gamers G703's priority is performance. The device is very large, heavy and expensive, featuring desktop class components and a £ 3,100 price tag.

Laptop Asus ROG G703 - Design and build

The G703 is an eye-catching machine. Most of the body is made of a mixture of aluminum and matte-gunmetal panels, with sharp corners and straight lines dividing different shades.

Review Asus ROG G703 : Why this monstrous GAMING LAPT0P WOn US Over

The two-tone body is reinforced with a brighter color. The large keyboard and ROG is powered by an RGB LED, and the back features a glossy engine, an orange burning panel.

The G703 looks its part, and its striking design is paired with a large dimension: it weighs a whopping 4.8kg and is 50mm thick. G703's heft translates excellent build quality, but it also means you need a sturdy backpack and some solid shoulder muscles to bring this machine to a LAN party.

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The generous proportions mean that the G703 has plenty of room for ports. This includes four USB 3.1 connectors, USB 3.1 Type-C jacks, Mini DisplayPort output, Thunderbolt and HDMI, card reader and even a built-in Xbox wireless receiver for gaming with multiple controllers. Inside, there are dual band 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet.

Internal access is also very good. Only one screw needs to be removed from the bottom panel to access two backup memory slots, two free M.2 connectors and all available storage.

Key Features Asus ROG G703 : 

  • Review Price: £3100
  • 2.9GHz Intel Core i7-7820HK overclocked to 4.3GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB graphics
  • 17.3in 1920 x 1080 144Hz IPS screen
  • 32GB DDR4 memory
  • 512GB SSD, 1TB hard disk
  • 2yr RTB warranty

Laptop Asus ROG G703 - Keyboard and trackpad

The G703 and sturdy size make a solid base for the keyboard. Nothing really gives, which is nice to hammer during a game session. The key itself offers 2.5mm of travel - a bit more than most gaming laptops.

Typing action is consistent and reliable, and the layout is good: there is a separate numeric keypad, a large enough key, and a little extra on the WASD button. The additional row of buttons is above the keyboard, with shortcuts to open the Asus Gaming Center app, XSplit Gamecaster, Xbox Gamebar and engine lighting settings.

The company's base and extra travel make the G703 keyboard one of the best I've ever used on a gaming laptop - especially since almost all rivals use a chiclet keyboard. It's certainly powerful enough to handle FPS, MOBA games and other competitive titles.

Review Asus ROG G703 : Why This Monstrous GAMING LAPT0P WOn US Over

However, there is no doubt that the mechanical keyboard is still a king when it comes to playing games, thanks to extra strength, deeper journey and firmer action. If it's a deal-breaker for you, a machine like Aorus X9 could be your only hope until Cherry's new low-profile key makes its way to more laptops.

It's similar to a trackpad. This is fine, with the button offering a sensible snap and light touch, but the right mouse will be more responsive, with a shallow button and thus higher precision. And, of course, it's easier to just mouse over this machine than the keyboard.

Asus ROG G703 - Display and sound quality

The 17.3in G703 IPS screen delivers solid gaming credentials. It has Nvidia G-Sync at a peak of 144Hz, and the original 1080p resolution is completely seamless.

Other laptops have a higher number, of course, but that's often debated when the 1080p resolution looks quite sharp in the notebook. I prefer a refresh rate of 144Hz with G-Sync rather than some extra pixels, and the GX3 GTX 1080 graphics core will run the game smoothly at the resolution and refresh rate of this machine.

Solid screen specifications are paired with decent benchmark results. The brightness level of 269 nits is enough to handle home and office lights, and the black level is 0.21 nits deeper than that offered by gaming laptops - dark areas of the game will have a lot of depth.

Review Asus ROG G703 : Why This Monstrous GAMING LAPT0P WOn US Over

That number creates a contrast ratio of 1278: 1. It's better than most gaming devices, and it creates solid depth and difference in every part of the panel. No matter which color palette your game uses, they will look faint on this screen.

Great contrast is paired with consistent uniformity and point of view. The color, meanwhile, is fine - the average Delta E 4.1 does not damage, and the 7573K color temperature is cool without being proven problematic.

Actually, the only area where this screen falls very short is the various display modes. This app is available in the Gaming Center app, and is designed to work with different genres. None of them are good: The racing mode destroys the contrast, and the Scenery option is too saturated thanks to the 1.89-nit black dot. FPS mode also suffers losses, while the RTS / RPG option is too dark.

The screen is accompanied by a solid audio equipment. Both 3W units produce sufficient volume and excellent clarity in the mid-range and high-end. There is no subwoofer, which means the bass is a bit weak, but the speakers are still good for gaming laptops.

Performance - Laptop Asus ROG G703

Asus not only slapped the GTX 1080 inside the G703 and left it at that time. Instead, the company has taken the 1556MHz GPU core and overclocked it to 1682MHz. And a better clock is a good partner for the 2560 GTX 1080 current processor and 8GB GDDR5X memory.

The first 3DMark result shows the type of performance expected from this machine. In the Ultra test app, he scored 5349 points. It's one of the best values I've ever recorded from a laptop, and it's also better than most desktops I reviewed.

The star score was translated into real-world game performance. I ran Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on its Ultra setting and Asus returned an average of 163fps; in Tomb Raider it hit 97fps.

Review Asus ROG G703 : Why This Monstrous GAMING LAPT0P WOn US Over

Asus handles other demanding games as well. It's romped through Total War: Warhammer at 114fps, and Deus ex ultra-intensive handle: Man Divided at 74fps.

This great result not only means a consistently smooth gameplay in today's top titles. This also means that the game will run fast enough to take advantage of a refresh rate of 144Hz screen with just a few graphical tweaks.

Asus also has the power to output to VR headsets and larger resolution panels, although it will likely be a bit struggling with 4K.

Graphics cards are not the only overclocked components. Core i7-7820HK is one of one unlocked Intel mobile processors. Asus has been using this 2.9GHz quad-core processor and pushed it to 4.3GHz. It's paired with an impressive 32GB memory, clocked to 2400MHz.

Not surprisingly, the G703 delivers outstanding application performance. The single and multi-core Geekbench 5266 and 17409 are some of the fastest I've seen on my laptop, and Asus then scored 5579 on Mark 8 PC benchmarks - another great result.

Simply by saying, the overclock processor will not hamper any game. It will also be happy to handle productivity tasks, from streaming to photo and video creation. SSD does its part, with a solid read and write speed of 3269MB / sec and 1699MB / sec.

And, while Asus has high-end components in it, its size and construction mean it runs well in thermal tests - an area where many gaming laptops fall short. During the toughest stress test, the CPU and GPU peak at a temperature of 93 ° C and 81 ° C. During this test the laptop remains cool, and the fan sound is simple

The only problem is the release of heat from the vents on both sides of the system, which can prove to be a bit uncomfortable if you use a USB mouse. But even then, I have tested a laptop that has been severe in this regard.

One area where you should not expect great things is the battery life. The G703 lasts for about an hour in game tests - roughly average for a great gaming laptop.

The G703 is governed by the Asus Gaming Center tool. I've mentioned the various screen modes, but there's more in this utility. It can change CPU and GPU between their default Extreme clock mode and slower Standard options, and it monitors the clock speed, temperature and fan speed of all vital components. It has options for fan customization, audio tweaks and networking tools, and an app can be used to manage laptops from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Why buy Asus ROG G703?

Not many new gaming laptops are as large as Asus ROG G703, but the size and weight of this model is not necessarily a bad thing.

The quality of the G703 is very solid, it offers many ports, and the keyboard is better than most competitors. The size of Asus also ensures it overcomes the powerful components in it - this is certainly cooler and quieter than most gaming laptops.

The G703 boasts a cool, quiet operation with cutting-edge performance and excellent screen quality with 144Hz operation.

Indeed, the biggest problem of this machine is its size and price. If one would be a problem, then the rest of the market is abundant with a sleeker, lighter and cheaper laptop, with an inevitable compromise on quality.

If you pursue the best and do not mind spending a tidy amount, the G703 is great.


Asus ROG G703 is a great and impressive laptop, but this is the right choice if you do not compromise.

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