Petnet SmartFeeder Review : FEED YOuR Pet with A Smart ROB0T

we live in a connected worl. you can use a TV to turn on  the lights and you can use a speaker to turn on the TV. Everything is connected to the internet and talking to the other gadgets in yout home. Pets live in this connect world, too. there are a plethora of strange and useful smart device for your pet One of the most practical is a smart feeder.

Smarfeeder Petnet is an automated feeder that connects to the applications in your phone. There are many "dumb" pet feeders on the market, but smartFeeder adds many additional features. For about $ 120. better be very smart dang. Let's take a look at this device and help you decide if you need SmartFeeder for your pet.

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I have been testing Petnet SmartFeeder for a little over a month now. We have used it for our cat, Grimm. She is a spoiled cat who needs to be fed three times a day or she will be fussy. One of those moments happened around 5:00 am every morning. We have used several different automatic feeders in the past, which have worked well.

In essence, SmartFeeder performs the same function as an automatic feeder. It divides the desired amount of food at certain times. Where SmartFeeder differentiates itself is a free smartphone app that gives you remote control and lots of practical information. But before all that works, you must set up SmartFeeder.

Set Up YOuR Pet with a Smart Robot

SmartFeeder consists of a hopper for food, bowls, and dispensers. You can also get a "walk" that helps the food out of the dispenser. All these sections are interconnected and connected easily. Once assembled, you must install the Petnet app. The app will walk you through the process of connecting to the feeder. After several attempts, we managed to make the app work successfully.

In the app, you can create a profile for your pet. The profile consists of age, weight, and activity level. You also need to include some information about your pet's food. Quite a lot of all animal food brands are included in the app. Our cat has special food for urine and we can find it in app. This app will give you recommendations for feeding, but basically this is the same info you find about food packaging.


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SmartFeeder's main feature is the ability to create special dining schedules. Setting up a meal schedule in an app is a lot easier than a "dumb" feeder. All you do is choose meal times and portion sizes. The great thing about smart feeders is that you can create unique schedules like your pets. You can feed your pet at five different times with five different portion sizes if you want. Oh, and if you want to feed your pet the old-fashioned way, there's a button on the front to feed it manually. You can choose the default amount in the app.

If you are not home to hear food dripping into a metal bowl, you can get a notice for each meal. It does not tell you if your pet has visited the bowl or eats its food, but the notification is a good guarantee that the feeder works. The feeder can also tell you about things like if you skip feeding or the car is low on food. All these connectivity make SmartFeeder smarter than your average feeder.

Petnet SmartFeeder Review : FEED YOuR Pet with a Smart ROB0T

The schedule feature has worked perfectly in our tests. We have taken several weekend trips away from home since using SmartFeeder. It's very convenient to know that your pet has been fed. We've never had a problem with "dumb" feeders, but they can stop working and you do not know. SmartFeeder gives you peace of mind.


Petnet SmartFeeder Review : FEED YOuR Pet with a Smart ROB0T

There are some disadvantages to SmartFeeder. This bowl is really only big enough for one pet and buying some SmartFeeders will be very expensive. SmartFeeder does have a rechargeable battery via micro USB, but it does not last long. You definitely need to place it near the outlet, although the included cable is 6.5 feet. One issue we noticed was the portion size was not entirely accurate. It seems to give more food than it should, but it's easily fixed by adjusting portion sizes.

Some other things may be cons depending on your situation. The manual feed button has a light that can not be turned off, which can be annoying if you have it in the same room where you sleep. In addition, the food is set aside 1/16 cup at a time. So if you give a dog 1 cup of food per meal, you will hear the wheels move 16 times. This is not a big deal, but it can be very annoying.


Petnet SmartFeeder Review : FEED YOuR Pet with a Smart ROB0T

Automatic feeder is an amazing thing to have, especially for cats. Even a simple "dumb" feeder can make your life easier. SmartFeeder has many great features that place it on top of the "dumb" feeder. It's amazing how simple it is to notice that your pet is fed can make you feel more comfortable.

The big question is whether SmartFeeder is worth a hefty price tag. You see $ 120 basically connect the feeder to your phone. I think if you are someone who leaves their own pet house alone, SmartFeeder can add peace of mind. You have to decide how much peace of mind is worthy of you.

There is also a convenience factor. Setting up a schedule is much easier to do on apps. Getting a reminder to refill the food is also very helpful. You may have damaged your pet. SmartFeeder is a way to pamper yourself. You may not need it, but it will definitely make your life a lot easier. Oh, and your pet will love the new magic box that feeds.




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