iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumors, UK pricing, features & SP3Cifications

If you choose the iPhone to be on the smaller and cheaper side, you might be happy to hear the rumors pointing to the SE SEPTEMBER version (or at least a newer version of the newer iPhone) launched in 2018.

Want to know more? Well this is our iPhone SE 2 release rumors article, where we collect and analyze the clues, hints and evidence that show the date when Apple will launch follow-up to the iPhone SE 2016, as well as iPhone's SE 2 technology specifications, new features and UK designs - so you've come to the right place!

This page will be updated every time there is new information regarding the upcoming SE iPhone launch, so check regularly the latest iPhone SE news rumors 2. To buy suggestions related to the current range, take a look at our best iPhone SE best deals and iPhone buying guides.

iPhone SE 2 release date

The original IP SE was announced in March 2016, but it did not get a significant update in 2017. (It just got a storage bump of up to 32 and 128GB.) Instead, it looks like the iPhone SE will get an update in the spring of 2018, by March looks like the most likely date.

A FocusTaiwan report in August suggested that the new iPhone SE be launched in the first quarter of 2018. Source claiming the new iPhone will be manufactured in India by Wistron, the company incorporating the latest SE SE.

The prediction was supported by a report by Taiwan's market research firm, TrendForce, who also believes that the iPhone SE 2 will enter the year 2018 (though the company is less confident, only defines the first half), and assembled by Wistron in India.

Will iPhone SE be stopped?

However, this is all iPhone SE assumptions will get an update at all! Analyst of China Huaquang Research, Pan Juitang, has suggested that no new SE SECTOR be at all.

He wrote in July that Apple will not update the 4in handset. Juitang claims that there is not enough demand for smaller devices as many consumers prefer larger displays to watching movies, playing games and browsing the web, and most are accustomed to 5in (or larger!) Displays.

Selective launch
Even if SE is updated, it may not launch where you live. Some reports indicate that new SE handsets may not be available elsewhere.

According to Economic Daily, a Chinese-language site, Apple is working on a low-end iPhone with the Hangzhou code name. This low-end model and low price seems to be launched in an attempt to "grab the low-end market" in China and India.

The report shows that this low-end model could be launched in the second half of 2018.

Other reports claim that SE2 will be launched in India before being launched in other regions. This sounds dubious to us, though it may be in line with Apple's plans to offer cheaper handsets to certain areas (usually Apple does this by offering an old version of iPhone to certain countries).

iPhone SE 2 price

IPhone SE is currently available in 32GB and 128GB versions. In the UK, the 32GB model cost £ 379; The 128GB model costs £ 479. (For comparison, in the US, the iPhone SE price is $ 399 for the 32GB model and it costs $ 449 for 129GB.)

We hope that the iPhone SE 2 will be the same price as it launches.

IPhone Design SE 2

While iPhone SE looks similar to the iPhone 5S, there is hope that the iPhone SE 2 will look more like the iPhone 8, though it is expected to have smaller dimensions.

iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumors, UK pricing, features & SP3Cifications

One thing that tends to change is the choice of color. IPhone SE is currently available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold options. The iPhone SE 2 is likely to be available in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray - like the iPhone 8. The Rose Gold and Gold versions have the merging type on the iPhone 8 and the possibility of the new iPhone SE will also offer this. New gold color options are more brassy than two gold options.

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