How TO Unbrick Smartphone Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10) – ComPLete GUIDE

If you have scolded Huawei Honor 7X you are in the process of gaining root access and now you do not know how to open it then do not worry. In this detailed Android Tutorial, we'll let you know how to disassemble Huawei Honor 7X. This device is the latest offering on Huawei mid-range phones. However, this device has an 18: 9 aspect ratio screen, which is used on most of its flagship devices. It comes with two storage options in both 32GB and 64GB with 4GB of RAM. All in all, the device has a very decent specification packed under the hood. However, if you successfully broke your 7X Honor, follow the guidelines under How to Unbrick Huawei Honor 7X.

Here are the downloads needed to unbrick your phone. Make sure to download all the required programs.

How TO Unbrick Smartphone Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10) – ComPLete GUIDE

Downloads links Huawei Honor 7x (BD-A10)

How To Unbrick Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10)

Flash Vendor.img

  1. Launch Huawei Multi-Tool on your PC and connect your 7X Honor in fastboot mode to your PC.
  2. Turn off your device, now hold Down Volume button when connecting it to your PC with USB cable.
  3. In the Multi-Tool software, click the Recovery tab and then click Select Image
  4. Select the downloaded TWRP image and click Flash Recovery.
  5. After TWRP is released, release your phone to turn it off again.
  6. Zip extract that has been downloaded into the folder. You must have UPDATE.APP file now in this folder.
  7. Now click on Unbrick Tab and then click on Launching Huawei Update Extractor
  8. Browse to the folder where you extracted update.zip. Select the APP file and extract its contents into a folder called updateappone.
  9. Right-click on an empty space in the Extractor tool and select Extract all.
  10. Now find img in the folder where you extracted the UPDATE.APP file. Copy Vendor.img to an external microSD card and place the card in your phone.
  11. Now boot your 7X Honor to recovery mode. To do so, turn on the device by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Up button simultaneously.
  12. Select Wipe> Advanced Wipe and select all available partitions, then swipe at the bottom to clear them all.
  13. Now go back to main menu of TWRP and TAP Install >> Install IMG.
  14. Here select Vendor.IMG from the microSD card and swipe at the bottom to start the flashing process. Make sure you flash to Vendor partitions only.

Flash CUST.img

  • Again, connect your device to PC in fastboot mode.
  • Now extract the zip named update_full_BND-device-model_hw_your-region into the folder. You will now have another APP in that folder. Extract with the same method as above to achieve CUST.img file.
  • Copy CUST.img to updateappone
  • In the Multi-tool, click on the Specify folder button under the Unbrick tab and select the updateappone folder.
  • Click the Unbrick button and that's pretty much it. Wait until the process is complete.

This is how you can disassemble Huawei Honor 7X (BND-Al10).

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