How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Got to catch them all: Here's how to generate every Apple Watch Activity badge and a one-off challenge from Perfect Month to Move Goal 400%

Among its many functions, Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker and a motivational tool to gain body shape or lose weight.

One way of watching it motivates you, and something that is symptomatic of the world we are experiencing, is the system of achievement and the badge: the digital roses that appear on the screen when you do something commendable, and then wander about where you are. IPhone Activity App so you can show it to friends. (Some badges even come with an iMessage sticker.)

There are standard badges that can be obtained at any time by burning certain calories, exercising for a period of time and so on; and there is a one-off challenge that must be achieved on (usually) a day. The final challenge to be announced is for the New Year 2018, however, and this takes place throughout January.

This article is for hardcore: for those of us who will not be satisfied until we get every badge of achievement available for Activity on the Apple Watch. We list badges, and we explain how to get them.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

The reason why the badge is not given

Before switching to individual badges, a few words on troubleshooting.

You may find that you are eligible for an achievement but find that the symbol does not appear on your Achievements page. There are several possible reasons for this, some of them specific to each badge, but here are some general steps to try:
  • Wait a few days - sometimes there is a lag before the awards show up.
  • Could you have got the achievement but not been notified? Check out the Achievements page (open the Activity app on your iPhone and pat Achievements along the bottom) and see if the badge is there. You can choose to be notified of achievements by opening the Watch app on your iPhone, scrolling down and tapping Activity, then tapping the slider next to Achievements so it turns green.
  • Make sure you turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Check your watch connected to your iPhone.
  • Restart your Apple Watch.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • As a last resort, do not pair up and then reinstall the two devices. This is pretty drastic, as it will remove everything from watches. Make sure you have backup first.

Standard performance badge

To individual badges. We will start with a standard badge that can be obtained anytime.

Most will show up on the Achievements page (open the iPhone's Activity app associated with your Apple Watch, then hit Achievements at the bottom of the screen) before you even get it; tap one to see what requirements you need to satisfy to get it. But some will only show up when you get it.

First [X] Workout

One of the easiest badges to get. The first time you perform any type of exercise in the Apple Watch Workout app, you will get a badge: gold outline of a star. For most types of exercise should last at least five minutes to trigger the achievement.

We have seven so far: biking, elliptical, oar, running, stair-stepper, swimming and walking. We believe there is also one for wheelchair exercises (this will only be available in the Workout app if you open the Watch app on your iPhone, then go to My Watch> Health> Edit and set the Wheelchair to Yes) and Apple can add more workouts in the future, just as with swimming when launching Apple Watch Series 2.

Two types of swimming, running, biking and so forth are each grouped together as one achievement, so you do not get two separate badges by doing indoor and outdoor runs, for example.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

[X] Exercise Note

A little more advanced, and somewhat confusing words. For each of the First Exercise badges [X] described above there is a matching badge (this time gold star filled) to beat your used calorie recording 'for that type of exercise - but there are some complications.

First of all, you should do at least five types of exercises of that type. If the fifth exercise, or subsequent exercise, burns more calories than any previous exercise of that type, you will earn a badge.

The clever hunter's badge will therefore ensure that the first four exercises of each type are not too heavy, so it's easy to hit in the future.

(If you're struggling to get this badge, you can try exercises that have calorie-based goals and at least 15 minutes, as some users report this help.If you're desperate then try this strategy, but we can confirm that there may be at least some badges this is using short duration and open practice.)

7-week workout

You need to do at least seven exercises in one week, each at least 15 minutes. If you struggle to achieve this, remember to include your roads.

New Moving Record

Given every time you beat an all time recording of burned calories (red Move rings in the Activity app) in one day.

Like the Record Work X Record badge, it needs to be 'excellent', in this case by using Apple Watch for 10 days; After this point, everyday activities that beat all previous calorie records will earn this achievement.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

New Exercise Notes

As above, but for the green exercise ring - this is given every time you beat the recording all the time for a few minutes of practice in one day.

Again, it can only be given after you use your watch for 10 days.

Move Destination 200%

Regardless of the daily calorie target you set for the Red Move ring, this badge will be awarded if you successfully duplicate it.

Clearly, unscrupulous badge hunters can choose this easily by setting the Move goal very low (open the Activity app on your watch and do a hard press, then tap 'Change Move Goal'), but you're just cheating yourself. Conversely, why not go for a beautiful long term?

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Move Destination 300%

As above, but you need to double your Daily move targets.

Move Goals 400%

As above, but you need to double your daily Move targets.

If your Move goal is entirely realistic, this one will be very hard to come by. We managed to finally walk 25km, and then had to do some jogging in place at night to get some last calories. Not easy!

New Moving Destination

The first time you set up Apple Watch, you choose the Moving destination you want to achieve every day. To get this badge, you only need to press it once.

You'll get another badge every time you change the Move goal and then hit the new target. If you have a weekly summary enabled, the Activity app will suggest a new target every Monday, based on how well you did the previous week. Alternatively, you can open the Activity app on your watch and do a hard press, then tap 'Change Move Goal'.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Longest Moving Streak
Press Move your destination several days in a row and you will start building a streak. This badge will be given every time you beat the previous Streak Move record.

Perfect Week (Move)
Hit the Move calorie targets every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Perfect Week (Exercise)

Hit Exercise targets every day of the week, Monday through Sunday.

Perfect Week (Stand)

Hit Stand targets every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

Perfect Week (All Activities)

Hit all three targets (Move, Exercise and Stand) every day of the week, Monday through Sunday.

The Perfect Month

Hit the Move calorie targets each day in a calendar month. (There is no monthly badge for Exercise and Goal targets.)

Unlike the achievements of Perfect Week, which only accumulate - I only have one badge for Perfect Week (Stand), for example, but if I use it, I see it has been given 72 times - there is a separate badge for every Perfect Month, with every month a different color.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Monthly challenges (eg January Challenge)

The newer addition, the monthly challenge looks almost the same as the Perfect Moon badge but has years in silver and not gold. They are also a bit more interesting: every month there will be different requirements. This tends to be easier than reaching the Perfect Month target.

The November 2017 challenge, for example, sets an Exercise goal target for that month (and this is less than 30). December 2017 asks for at least 3 exercises, which do not ask much.

At a glance the January 2018 challenge looks more difficult: it sets the target for total calories burned in the month that are 10 percent higher than our total in December. Lucky it's a pretty rough month thanks to Christmas and all those parties.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

100 Moving Destination

Hit Move 100 times. It need not be a streak - you just have to do this 100 times in total.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

365 Move Destination

Press the Move target as many as 365 times. Again, this does not need a streak, just total.

500 Move Destination

Move the target Move 500 times, in total.

1,000 Moving Destinations

Hit the target move 1000 times, in total. This is the only achievement I've never had, but again, nobody has - Apple Watch not long ago.

One challenge

The badge above, with the exception of a particular month's badge, is always available: if you do not already have one you can meet the requirements in the future. (You may have missed the Perfect April 2017 badge, but you can always choose an almost identical badge in next April.)

But from time to time Apple announces a one-off special challenge - achievements that must be received within a certain timeframe, and often on a given day. You will not know about them until long before (they tend to perform less than a week before, though Apple experts catch wind earlier than this) so you have to move fast.

The badge challenge appears at the top of your Achievements page, separate from a common badge or a park with a thin line. And also a badge, you'll get an iMessage sticker that you can use to show off to your friends.

How to get all the Apple Watch Activity Performance BaDges

Rings on the New Year Challenge (January 2018 & 2017)
It was first given in January 2017 and repeated in 2018. To earn the badge you have to close all three Activity rings for seven consecutive days in January.

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