Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

VTi-S middle child loses manual selection and is available for $ 19,990.

Specifications S is a 16-inch alloy, four-speaker stereo with touch screen 7.0 inch, USB and Bluetooth, AC, back camera, remote central locking, LED headlamps, navigation controls, power windows and mirrors, premium black cloth trim, center console with storage area, wheeled leather steering wheel, computer trip and assist start the hill.

The VTI-S front wheel is powered by the same 1.5 liter cylinder cylinder as the other range and only CVT.

Five-star ANCAP safety ratings were awarded six airbags, ABS, stability and traction control. Children are treated with three fixed anchor points

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

Does it represent good value for the price? What features are included with it?

Jazz Range consists of three models. Just like a car, how much you get depends on how far your price list is. Honda occasionally offers a quick offer, but we use RRP as a guide. We've done a thorough comparison model and also a snapshot to help you decide between three trim levels - VTi, VTi-S and VTi-L.

Our American cousin printed the Sport edition, but unfortunately we lost that one.

VTi opened the price range at $ 14,990 for the five-speed manual, rising to $ 16,990 for the CVT auto. Standard features include four stereo speakers, air conditioning, rear camera, remote locking, halogen lamp projector lamps, 15 inch steel wheels, shipping power control windows and mirrors, black trim fabrics, travel computers and hillside assistance.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

The inclusion of a good inverting camera but the lack of rear parking sensors is confusing, the issue is shared with VTi-S, although both are optional on both specifications.

While spare tires are space savers, this is better than a tire-repair kit, if necessary strike. Small tool kits are also provided for such an occasion.

Even with the 2018 update, there is no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, though you can install your iPhone or Android device via a USB port. That sucks, the USB port is under the cover next to the 7.0 inch touch screen itself, so you have the cable poking out of the dash. You may prefer Bluetooth in that case.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

Step into VTi-S CVT-only ($ 19,990) and you take foglights, 16 inch alloy wheels, LED lights, 'premium' trim fabric, leather wrapped steering wheel, center console with storage box and GPS sat nav.

No improvements to the multimedia system.

VTi-L ($ 22,990) adds LED daytime running lights, climate controls, navigation systems (hurray!), Smart keyless entry keys, push button start, leather seats, paddle shift for CVT gearboxes, alarms, bi-LED LED lights, LED daytime running lights, heated front seats and two additional speakers,

Missing from the list of accessories are CD changer, DVD player, DAB or MP3, sunroof panoramic, sport package, black pack, city pack, subwoofer, enhanced sound system, HID lamp, tonneau cover, roof rack, rim and different mat. .

You're stuck with the same infotainment head unit just across the reach - even radio / CD player settings, just your radio and phone. At least VTi-L has more speakers for its sound system.

Dealers will definitely sell dark windows and extended warranty.

Jazz is available in seven colors, with Rally Red the only freebie. For $ 495 you can have one of six nuances of metallic paint - Crystal Black, Brilliant Sporty Blue, modern steel (gray gunmetal), Orange Phoenix, Lunar Candy and White Orchid. If you're after pink or yellow, you're out of luck. Not very Jazzy.

In addition, the slim headlamps and one-box body shape are almost completely offensive, except the taillights piled up and piled up.

While you are in it, the interior is simple and simple. Well, it's easy to find around you and, because there's not much going on here, it's unlikely you need the owner's manual, unless you want to identify and use every great installation of the Magic Seats back in.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

As your range goes up, you will begin to see the addition of body kits like the rear spoiler and side skirts, but nothing is particularly rough.

How practical is the space inside?

The interior is full of cleverness packed into a small space. The center console has two cup holders, one room for your phone and a compressed open tray that can be reached by front and back passengers. The third cupholder folds out of the dashboard on the driver's side. The rear seats do not have cupholders, unfortunately, and also no armrests in the middle.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

The rear legroom is impressive for such small cars - no wonder the HR-V compact SUV is played from the Jazz platform. Coupled with the excellent 'Magic Seats', which fold in various ways to increase the boot space dimension from 354 liters to 1314 liters.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

The luggage capacity is not bad for such small cars and with a flexible interior, boot sizes go up fourfold. This is the one area where he completely beat Mazda2. A removable cargo sample means you can get a decent drawer, but there is a slight decrease as you get the items above the loading lip.

You can also fold the base of a chair and get out of the way to provide a place for scrubs, or dogs, or an awkward flat pack.

The basic VTi misses a bit of storage, which is the center console's storage box and the driver's back pocket, but the other range has both.

What are the key statistics for engines and transmissions?

All Jazz is powered by a single 1.5 liter Honda four-cylinder engine. The engine specifications do not make for inspiring reading, with only 88kW and 145Nm. That's not much horsepower, but when you consider the weight of the car, the numbers do not look so scary.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 2018 ReView: Snapshot

Power goes into the front wheels, so Jazz is definitely not an off-road proposition.

Only the basic VTi models have manual vs automatic options, with a five-speed manual transmission and a CVT auto to choose from.

Regarding the question of timing belt or chain, Jazz has the last one, so you do not have to worry about belt changes. The type of oil is 5W-30

There is no diesel option, so there will be no diesel vs petrol arguments. Also no EV or plug-in hybrids - with batteries, it's unlikely you have lots of boot space. No LPG, 4x4, or AWD version.

If you can be disrupted with the towbar, the manual towing capacity is 1000kg when the CVT load capacity drops to 850kg. Both transmissions will carry 450kg unbraked.

How much fuel is consumed?

The fuel figure is slightly different, depending on the gearbox you have selected. Honda claims you'll get 6.5L / 100km on combined cycles in the manual while CVT uses a little less, coming in at 5.9L / 100km. So the fuel consumption of km / L works around 15km / L for five speeds and 17.km / L in the CVT.

Real world consumption is slightly different. Our latest test with manual yield 8.0L / 100km while CVT lowered 8.2L / 100km. Therefore, you will see better fuel economy figures in the manual if, as I admit in my VTi review, you are not pushing it enthusiastically. CVT is a bit disappointing because I am much quieter in that and it does not produce better mileage than manual.

Fuel tank capacity is 40 liters.

What's it like to drive?

Jazz has always been a comfortable and relaxed car with a corresponding performance figure. The 0-100km / h acceleration is best described casually, so if the speed is fast, this car is not for you.

It is said, VTi manual is very fun to drive. Switch to CVT, however, and Jazz reputation is restored. A good ride for front seat passengers comes from McPherson struts on the front while a rear suspension with a torque beam, meaning the rear seat occupants can get some surprises over the bump.

The street noise is a bit higher than you might think, but it may be a combination of tires and a commitment to light.

Surely, like a small car, maneuvering is a major advantage. The rotating radius is 5.2 m, which is nice but not super tight and the lights, electric power steering make easy to dodge. It certainly does not feel like on a rail, but it's not a car with a small engine size like that.

Ground clearance is 137mm, which makes sense but a skipper is not recommended.

In the basic manual, you have five speeds with lightweight clutch and easy to shift. For a motor that lost a second camera, let alone a turbo, its progress is fast and fast, the engine is raving with the relaxed air. CVT has an eco mode, which further obscures performance, but a light ring around the speedo shines green if you behave well.

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