[Guide] Active Genuine Huawei Call Recording Mate 10 And 10 Pro R00T

Call recording is not something that many people use but it is something that many people consider very important. I know some people like that so I know how important that is to them. One of its many uses is to simply record a call to record the note later. There are also other uses, which is why recording without the consent of other participants is illegal in many parts of the world. You should check with your lawyer about it. What we can show you is how to enable call recording in Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Senior XDA badmania98 members really come up with the process and it requires you Huawei Mate 10 Pro to take root. If you have not burned it, maybe we can help. We have detailed guidance on how to eradicate Huawei Mate 10 Pro as well as Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite. This is actually a fairly simple process if you have moved the file to your device's root storage before. If not, it's still simple, but you just need a detailed guide so you do not miss anything. Lucky for you, right below.

[Guide] Active Genuine Huawei Call Recording Mate 10 And 10 Pro R00T


Huawei Mate 10 Pro You must be rooted as mentioned.
You need a file explorer that can handle root operations. Here are some suggestions if you need: Solid Explorer File Manager, File Explorer, ES File Explorer Pro, FX File Explorer, etc.


Enable Call recording on Huawei Mate 10 Pro

  1. Download the linked zip file above and extract it. You will now have a folder named HwCallRecorder.
  2. Copy or move this folder to your Mate 10 Pro if you use other devices to download and extract it.
  3. Launch your favorite file explorer that can perform root operation and copy or cut folder HwCallRecorder.
  4. Navigate to / system / app / folder and paste the HwCallRecorder folder here.
  5. Long press on the folder and select Properties. Most file managers will allow you to change permissions here, but this method may be different for you. We will use ES File Explorer / Pro here for example. Tap the Change permission button and it will let you change it.
  6. Set permissions for the HwCallRecorder folder as rwxr-xr-x. Use screenshot below for reference.
[Guide] Active Genuine Huawei Call Recording Mate 10 And 10 Pro Root

7. In the HwCallRecorder folder, make sure the permissions for files and folders are as follows.
  • HwCallRecorder / HwCallRecorder.apk - rw-r-r-
  • HwCallRecorder / oat - rwxr-xr-x
  • HwCallRecorder / oat / arm64 - rwxr-xr-x
  • HwCallRecorder / oat / arm64 / HwCallRecorder.odex - rw-r-r-
  • HwCallRecorder / oat / arm64 / HwCallRecorder.vdex - rw-r-r-
8. After you check the permissions, you can close the app.

9. While badmania98 does not explicitly state it, you may need to reboot your device now for the changes to take effect.

[Guide] Active Genuine Huawei Call Recording Mate 10 And 10 Pro R00T

10. When you launch the Huawei Phone app again, tap the three-dot menu button in the bottom right and select Settings.

11. From here, access an option called Automatic call recording and enable it.

12. Next, tap on Auto recording settings and select All calls.

13. The recorded call can be accessed via the three-dot menu button in the Huawei Phone app.

Source  : XDA 



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