6 Reasons that you must know Why You MUST Jailbreak Your iPhone

Now that you know jailbreak is available for your iPhone, you probably have second thoughts about actually doing it. For many there is nothing to think about. However, for those who have just found jailbreaking, there may be some questions they need answered.

Is it hard to jailbreak an iPhone? No, no. The whole process will take less than an hour, so you follow the instructions carefully, and make sure everything is done before you start. We can give you a set-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iOS 8.1 on your iPhone.

What do I get from jailbreaking my iPhone? And this is the most important question. In answer to that question, here are the six most powerful reasons to break free from Apple's control - plus bonuses !.

6 Reasons that you must know Why You MUST Jailbreak Your iPhone

Rename and reorder Apps

It may sound childish, but it's great to be able to change the name of your application. Maybe you'd rather change 'Spotify' to 'Music' or Sparrow to 'Email'. It's just a fundamental thing, and something we believe that iOS should let you do it, by default. But unfortunately you can not: the only way you can jailbreak your iPhone.

Once you jail your iPhone, you will have complete freedom to organize your application. You can adjust the size of the icon, add additional app lines, and you can add more icons to the home screen dock, which is actually very useful. There's a tool known as FolderEnhancer that lets you create subfolders, put them on the dock, and customize the way you want them to work and look. Do you want to get rid of Newsstand? Well, you can, because there are tweaks Cydia for that too.

Customize Views And Feel the iOS

It's true that Apple does a really good job of completing its iOS mobile look, but that should not mean that you, the user, have no choice to change it to your liking. After your phone is incarcerated, you can do things like change lock screen, change the logo that appears when you boot the device, or just overhaul the whole theme. If you every wish your iOS looks like Android, now now can.

There are some very well designed special themes out there, and yes, there are a lot of terrible ones as well. There are many themes in Cydia and it may not be so easy to find the best, so maybe it's worth searching the Web for theme options before you get started.

Make Most of It

When Siri was launched by Apple in 2011, jailbreaking developers discovered a new playground where they could experiment. If you use Siri's tweaks in Cydia, you can ask Siri to tell your jokes, install chatbots, integrate with third-party apps like Waze and Spotify, and ask her to search YouTube for you. Continue this carefully as our tests show that some tweaks result in Siri freezing.

Tether Your Data Connection to Your Laptop

You can now do this legally through your carrier, but imprisoned phones can now tether their data connection to other devices. Regardless of the cost of the application there is no additional cost. TetherMe and MyWi are both very popular options available in Cydia.

Using Only Wi-Fi Applications on 3G Networks
There are many Wi-Fi applications only, such as Cablevision, DirecTV, Anywhere for iPad, and Bloomberg that can run on any 3G network using a jailbreak known as 'My3G', which basically tricks the application into believing they are running Wi-Fi networks .

'XCon' is another jailbreak tweak that can be used to bypass jailbreak detection in apps, allowing incompatible apps to run on devices already in prison.

Better security

There are now better options for security and privacy on jailbroken devices, but it should be pointed out that not all are 100% reliable.

In Cydia, the security section provides tools that let you install key loggers, lock individual applications and media files, track and wipe your iPhone to make device access more difficult and encrypt messages. You can also get tweaks that let you use face recognition to unlock your device, or email anyone who is trying to guess your passcode.

Capture a Glimpse of the Future of the Platform

Of course, there's some garbage in Cydia, but this jailbreak app store has been home to some very impressive, useful and well-designed tweaks, apps and themes. We know some examples where Apple has hired jailbreak developers and stolen ideas right from the jailbreak community. For example, before we have a Notification Center on iOS 5, this is something that has been successfully used by jailbreaker for some time. Other things, like copy / paste and multitasking are available via Cydia long before Apple applied them later to its iPhone.

By jailbreaking your iPhone, you get an idea of ​​the future held by iOS, although it may be a bit unkempt at the moment and still in experimental form.

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