6 Best MOBA gaming mice: Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Anker and Mouse ZhiZhu for MOBA

We have checked different types of game mice and I tell you how to choose a high quality device, what parameters you should look for, choose your combat weapon, who is the current leader. So you can read the best gaming mouse.

Now we'll talk about MOBA games. What is this? I'm sure you know what I mean, but you may not be acquainted with the MOBA idea itself.

This is a game battle. Everything has in common a number of special features: two main areas, multiple battle corridors, real characters, crawling NPCs. Soon, this is a DOTA-like game. It has been their name for a long time. This is a game where there are authenticity and ideas. More importantly, this genre may be literally called the 21st century chess.

The people who move the pieces of chess are not in vain but to achieve results can develop sharpness, tactics and logic as well as reactions and skills. Not bad for ordinary game? This is a very popular genre under modern conditions.

Games that have been only one of the many maps in separate Warcraft games have become independent and have millions of fans. It holds the championship with a prize amount of over $ 1 000 000 and there are hundreds of thousands of online games every day. Naturally, gamers want to have their own devices to master the game as well as possible. Where there is a request, there is an offer!


Razer Dragon Hex MOBA PC Gaming Mouse
Let's start with the leaders. Every Razer project is a bid for success. The given model is not an exception. The popularity of the Dragon Razer mouse has been proven by the fact of the old age model. This model has been enhanced periodically with great success and updated models continue to be marketed.

Dragon Razer Hex Mouse has a large number of great features. The first is 6 thumb buttons that are specifically optimized for MOBA and action-RPGs that are ready to help you play without additional programming. 11 fully programmable Hyperesponse buttons. The mouse speed is very good, allowing 250 clicks per minute. If that's not enough for you, there's something wrong with you.

The dpi indicator, equal to 5600, matches the fast game perfectly because it does not allow extra movement. The red light feels comfortable at night and is beautiful during the day. What I like a lot is that on programming your own mouse your efforts will not go to waste when the gaming machine changes. All your mouse preferences will be stored in the cloud and then synced anywhere in the world.

The majority of Razer Dragon Nex owners are satisfied with their purchase. The case of individual discontent is caused by short service life, extra click of left button, hand fatigue due to imperfect lining. I do not face such problems but it is likely to happen after 1.5-2 years of use.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Rappers vary. Some of them look like homeless from a district with a bad reputation. Others wear classic outfits and prefer a respectable style even with simple style. Solid and first-class models provided are included in the second case. The publicity created by the SoloMid DOTA team is a strong recommendation. Can not be bought. Team friends must use the device provided while playing. And they are world champions!

Logitech G302's nice Logitech Characteristics. Six programmable buttons. Dpi adjusted easily. As a rule, everyone knows the optimal parameters of a person but sometimes the situation occurs when you need variable characteristics. So, it's here! The insertion of the auxiliary metal improves the feedback mechanism, thereby contributing to the long service. The announced response is 1ms. This may be true but do not forget that Windows will not provide an indicator of less than 2ms.

6 Best MOBA gaming mice: Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Anker and Mouse ZhiZhu for MOBA

The proprietary patented laser from Logitech has shown excellent results on testing. The number of buyers is much less than that of the Dragon Razer, but then the percentage of positive reviews is greater. The only claim I encountered was a fairly serious weight, hands quickly tired unless accustomed.

Gaming Corsair SCIMITAR RGB MOBA / MMO Gaming Mouse

The device by Corsair is a bit out of the ordinary corporate model. It is made in an elegant and simple style; no signs of deep grooves or heavy bends. Frankly, this mouse is a bit unexpected, but special specials. Device for ~ $ 74.95 feels very comfortable in hand; You get used to it instantly and ruin the fight - to gain a new victory.

The top is covered with a soft layer of traditional touch. Even while playing session is extended your hands do not sweat and do not cause any discomfort. A total of 12 mechanical buttons for alignment of bindings are typical of this mouse. Comfortable or not - it's up to everyone to decide. Given the very high hurdle of 12000 dpi and the number of programmable buttons, the mouse can also be considered as a gaming mouse MMORPG game.

Does such flexibility make sense? Maybe. Is Corsair SCIMITAR suitable for everyone? Almost not. If you prefer a simple device (such as Logitech G302) then additional features will only add to the inconvenience.

6 Best MOBA gaming mice: Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Anker and Mouse ZhiZhu for MOBA

The full-fledged RGB spectrum mouse feature is popular today. Freedom of customization similar to that offered in the Chroma series by Razer; You can turn on random lighting or configure intelligent lighting from the selected settings profile.

This device is suitable for fans of 3 main types of handles. Connection via a USB cable is covered with a solid cloth braid. This does not affect freedom of movement but will definitely contribute to longer service life.

But remember, nothing is perfect. In this case, as is often the case, the software is wrong. Customization is very unreasonable and inconvenient. Furthermore, the saved profile is reset too often.

Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse

This is another interesting model. I can say at once that when buying a given device you will not be able to convince your woman that the Zelotes 5500 Mouse is exactly what you need. The design is entirely futuristic, a very gaming mouse.

The complete set is classic: 7 programmable buttons, optical, up to 5500dpi, lights, announced life cycle of 5 million clicks.

What's so special about the Zelotes 5500? Why is it appropriate to receive it? This is a budget mouse! Maybe, a competitor beat him in something, but then it costs 2-3 times lower. The problems raised by the world's population are as follows. The primary click button may be stuck (or may not). Batteries are eaten very quickly what causes, in turn, backlight failures.

Anker 8200 DPI High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse

Company name seems to be thinking, what can not be said about the model name. But that's not the main thing. The main reason for its high popularity among customers is the full functional required at low cost.

Other pros: High quality ergonomics and excellent cover. Mice do not slip, and hands are not sweaty and tired. The 8200dpi indicator is a bit overwhelming for the MOBA game, the Anker 8200 DPI Mouse delivers such images but is not necessary. Everything is customizable, so this is not a big deal. Next comes a really cool thing designed for those who have to share comp with other people as well as people who like to play various games including ones like Dota. On the board there are 9 programmable buttons beside the mode buttons. The memory can store 2 profiles. The settings can be instantly changed depending on the individual or the game. Really cool!

All the unpleasant things written about this model in the forum are as follows. First, the broken mice came due to improper packing. This issue should be discussed with the seller first. Secondly, the mouse does not match the shooter, the dpi does not match what is being announced. For this once I can not advise anything. But have not I already warned that we think the mouse when the shooter version is something very different?

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

When I first encountered this rat, my emotions and sensations were as if I were showing my eyes on the artwork, incomprehensible, though impressive. Of course, I do my best to understand how they can do it. It's really cool and expensive. This phrase will be a movie trailer. High-quality and regulated ergonomics. «Wings» model can be decided, at this point you can follow your own sensation and do your best.

There is the possibility of wireless mode, or you can choose a routine cable connection with USB. The DPI opens separately, in addition, if you want it, Razer Ouroboros Elite Mouse will learn the uniqueness of your style (and betray you against your enemies) and set the dpi automatically. Conservative people will not allow the abuse of any machine, but innovators may try it. The system is perfect.

6 Best MOBA gaming mice: Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Anker and Mouse ZhiZhu for MOBA

You will be surprised, but the food is very simple: only one battery. Well, it goes without saying, there is cloud storage by Razer. Above I've written about his pro. Well, and again the unpleasant thing! My users and acquaintances have complained about Synapsis, the cloud server by Razer: constant failure plus absolute impossibility to work. Some have placed claims on colors, which can not be selected, and backlights. It seems a bit trivial, but, given the cost, you would not think so. Indeed the price is not much to inspire.

Let's summarize!

The right choice of devices will promote your career in the gaming industry. You can definitely achieve more and get fun while playing. But if you are a n00b, you should try hard. The MOBA segment leader is Dota2. You should look for a less hostile game! Wrong your wrong action, and you will be told that all your relatives have ... well, you know what. People are very angry here!

To be okay, you have to keep practicing and using your wits while playing. Strategy and tactics are very important here. When you have to choose the right gadget, you just have to reread this article, collect the needed money, and ... order all at once!

And the main thing! Determine what you want more: play with fun for 1-2 hours a day and no more, or sacrifice your entire life and reach a high altitude. This is a cyber sport, and it's as bad as any real sport, not a bit lighter.

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