Are You Facing Low Income AdSense Even with good traffic?

People often complain about why their site is not making money with AdSense even if it has a good traffic? The simple answer could be advertising they are cheaper compared to other top sites and need higher CPC to continue to increase traffic.

There are several ways you can increase your AdSense earnings. By using the simple and basic tips you will understand why a site is not responding Adsense best way possible?

Understanding Clicks Ad Unit Who are you?

If you are interested in knowing who clicks on your ad, you will most likely take all necessary steps to improve the interface and layout of your website. Design is an integral part of each site so that the manufacture of ads and links on your site look natural and attractive for visitors from every part of the world.

Layout with matching link and background colors, the size of the ads that are not true, and their placement is the real cause has a low click on ads. And of course, content is king.

Are You Facing Low Income AdSense Even with good traffic?

You might Magnet Poor Content Visitor

If your website has a general topic everywhere with ordinary courts, may not attract your visitors at this time to come again. That is, you have to have content that is interesting to read, with facts and information updated again with some spices so that visitors appreciate bookmark, subscribe and search for further reference.

If you have a low CTR with your ad, you'll need a large number of ad clicks to make real payments. That is, if you have an ad with only $ 0.10 per click rate, you need at least 10 clicks to generate dollars and therefore if you want to make money fast with visitors is low, you need high paying ads to appear on your page.

That will come with the analysis of keyword and content research topics. However, for most publishers, CTR is about 1.5-3% only.

This site Surviving in Low-Paying-ad

Sometimes people say their income is actually too low. Even after several thousand good of daily visitors, the conversion of ad actually they are very low. Why does this happen?

Just because the cost of pay per click is too low. Maybe it is about 0.03 to 0.10 $ per click. The best example is the electronic gadget ad clicks and clicks on ads toys. Of course, the cost of sales of the gadget will be much higher than the plastic toy and therefore advertisers for gadget will certainly pay more for their ad campaign.

Given this example, you have to focus on the content that will be interesting, relevant ads with higher costs. That is why there is a term in the internet at all times that says "high paying Adsense keywords" meaning the keywords associated with the industry in which products are the demands with higher costs. And if the ad is clicked, you will definitely make more money.

Low CPC content

If you consistently create content on some general topics, you will attract advertisers to pay low and therefore generate lower revenue after a certain period of time specified. This is because you do not focus on high paying keywords.

For these sites, it is advisable to go for other money making programs such as Affiliate.

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Low CTR-Click Through Rate for Ad Unit

This means your ad is not getting proper attention and hence lower click. A good reason can be their poor placement. Because too many ads are also not allowed on one page and even above-the-fold of the page, the right ad unit in the right places will solve the purpose immediately and increase your income.

Some of the better examples of healthy units ad is a rectangle large, medium rectangle, leaderboard, skyscraper extensive advertising links etc.

Lack Ad Experiment

Depending on the site layout and colors, ads can be placed. You can do some experiments to look at the unit and the type of work best for your site layout. A good change for sure will increase revenue and work well for the long term.

Tips such as ad unit without limit, URL Black color, color matching your own link to link, multimedia ads will definitely make a big impact on your income. Also one must remember not to place ad units as they camouflage with your own images, tabs, and links that are banned by Google Systems.

AdSense management is a time consuming process, it may take days, weeks, months and even years. So keep patience and learning through the improvement will certainly bring fruits.

Not to Use Ad Units Target is a Bad Idea

That is, we must learn which pages of your site contributed most to your AdSense revenue. with this you can really focus on how the other pages can be improved to attract high paying ads and therefore make more money. One should also consider linking your AdSense account with Google Analytics. Try Picture and text (link) advertising.

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If you have a Youtube channel, make sure you choose the option of targeting. This will allow advertisers to easily find you when they set up an Ad Campaign.

Drop suddenly AdSense Earnings

There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon. This may include methods Advertiser campaigns that can lower down within a certain period of years. (Mostly in the first quarter, again depending on the type of industry) or bad changes in your content and / or layout strategy. If you continually fail to increase your income or even to keep them stable, there must be something bad happens to your site.

Again if your site is not optimized for mobile devices today, your CTR will drop considerably. To ensure visitors read your site properly and may click on your ad correctly set it to a mobile device.

Advanced Keyword Analysis

If you are among those who face a constant shortage in revenue, then what we would suggest is to have a proper keyword analysis on your posts. A good relevant article with great content will never fail with a set of appropriate keywords. This engine keyword search help bring your link in the search results. Google Keyword Planner will definitely help you to do your homework and choose the keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

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It will also help relevant ads to come up with relevant content and save your site get harmed by bad ads. (Targeting Issues)

Unethical Hacking

Do you know Labnol.org even large sites have been attacked? It is possible money hungry today's internet environment.

It may happen that your site has been under a bad impression by Google bots, and that's why your ad does not work well on all pages. As we know, all ad clicks either monitored by Google, still, there is no control over the hacks and unethical methods happen all the time on the internet.

So if you are unsure, just be patient and try to contact the senior member of Google.

ad blindness

If your site has a lot of repeat visitors, it is possible that they begin to ignore the ad unit. Bit color and size changes again with experimental placements will certainly bring more clicks with your precious repeat visitors.


Do not give up unless you try all possible ways to improvise. AdSense is not at all difficult, but it takes time until you remove all the errors on the site. It also includes a page poor speed, bad writing skills, niche high competition and more.

Continue to monitor the site and tried various measures to bring a good change. The most important thing is to create evergreen content, for the long term and always updated.



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